Still looking…

Silently he stood, wrinkled eyes wide, mouth pursed, Putting together the world piece by piece. The trees had grown up only to be sheared, The jungles turned into concrete. The view from his window of nesting birds, Had been replaced by hoardings of beautiful girls. The balcony of the next house never opened, The childrenContinue reading “Still looking…”

Uncommon Us!

Here’s right back at ya, mate, for just being you ! (Your birthday’s too far away for a birthday dedication! And you just cracked your Chartered Accountancy exam today. So, I think the timing is just appropriate!) I was lost, wanting to be found, I was expecting help from someone profound. In you strode, with yourContinue reading “Uncommon Us!”

Little Sister.

The Little Sister is going away to study. Time for another blog dedication ❤ The little birdie fluffed her wings, Pruned the tips, Twitched her tail, Cleared her voice, sang melodious rings, Announcing her departure, she was ready to sail! So now I have the whole bed to me! But no one to wake up to. I don’tContinue reading “Little Sister.”

Quote Challenge – Day 3.

Next time, Mommy dear tells you to get up by 7, tell her ‘time is a concept humans created’! Next time your friend calls you an insomniac for being up at 3 am, let him know ‘time is a concept humans created’! Next time, that relative asks you when you’ll get married, tell them ‘time is a concept humans created’! NextContinue reading “Quote Challenge – Day 3.”

Quote Challenge – Day 2.

It’s time we accept that we’re all different and unique in our own way. And to force, impose, influence or expect any person to not be what they are, as they are is nothing less than a crime! Of course, I don’t mean let killers kill, kidnappers kidnap, looters loot! That’ll make you accessory to theContinue reading “Quote Challenge – Day 2.”

Quote Challenge – Day 1.

I saw girls being killed for being girls. I saw Goddesses being prayed to for being girls. I saw the rich removing the poor from near their shop windows. I saw the rich feeding poor at the temples. I heard that person complain about corruption. I saw that person pay off the policeman. I heardContinue reading “Quote Challenge – Day 1.”

Drunken talkies

Originally posted on The Uncertainty Principle:
Being in an expensive bar during happy hours is fun whether or not you are drunk. There are individuals trying to mend a broken heart, groups celebrating a birthday looting an individual, and couples dating while respecting the slowdown in the economy. There is a saying here that if there…


In the One Word – Many Moments Flash Fiction series, Previous Word : Rain. She was bawling! He tried asking her what happened. Their mother shushed him. “This is for you, Mary. You only get to play with this,” the mother said to her crying child. “What happened, Mom?” “She wants the train your Daddy boughtContinue reading “Sacrifice.”


Previous Word : Fire. As she walked out of her office, she was greeted by a gust of wind! She took her ear phones out to hear windows rattling and dust sweeping across. She needed to cool off after a long, bad day! A drop of water fell on her cheek. She saw a cabContinue reading “Rain.”