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While I sleep, the world around me is awake. Not today though. I am awake too. But only in the body, not in the mind. But then was I ever?

These people, the ones out here – they know something I don’t. They look at me and exchange glances. They stare me down. I look away. But for how long? And where? They are everywhere. They point towards me when I don’t look. I can feel it. Or is it my imagination? They pause while I walk by. I walk faster. Rushing along, not sure where I am headed. The road is straight, lined with concrete on both sides. Trees grow from within the concrete. The people – they’re all moving in the opposite direction. Only I walk towards the horizon, the horizon where the Sun didn’t rise from.

They don’t look at me. They stare through me and yet their gaze is piercing.  I look away too fast. I can’t read their eyes. Is it pity at my ignorance? Anger that I don’t bother? Or is it angst at how I am spending my life? Caution that I want to join their tribe? Or are they curious? Do they not see me as one of them?

I know I am different from them. My necessities are luxuries for them. They might have lesser than me but their smiles reach their eyes. They build a life while I simply redecorate. I have all that I want and more than I could ask for. What do I do with these though? Why are we really living? Or is it death that we await?

Graciously Yours!

Wheeling towards life.


“You see that man down there who’s cycling?” said the Creator to the little baby beside Him.

The soon-to-be-born gurgled, “Yes” in baby lingo.

Soon, even his mother would understand it as well as God did.

“That cyclist doesn’t have ambitions. He hasn’t made plans on how he wants to spend his next five years. He saves much less than he spends. He helps his neighbor, an old lady, with rations every month. He gives kids, he doesn’t know, candies to eat. The world will tell you it is wrong to be him. They will tell you to think about yourself. They will mock you if you don’t plan. They will chide you for being ambition-less.”

The baby looked up at the peaceful soul beside him. He looked puzzled. Saliva dripped from the corners of his parted lips.

Chuckling, God took the baby in His lap, wiped the drool and continued, “I want you to be like him. I want you to live one day at a time, one moment at a time. I want you to dream but I don’t want you to become so blind with ambition that you forget why exactly you were living. I want you to respect the beauty of my creations and find your strengths, hopes and solace in them. I want you to always believe in yourself and in humanity. I want you to appreciate life much more than fear death.”

“Will it be easy?” the baby asked, looking down at so many unlike the cyclist.

“No, it won’t. And when it isn’t, remember that God did not bring you this far to abandon you.”

And saying so, He let go of the baby, whose head was now visible to the doctor as the mother screamed in pain.

Graciously Yours!

P.S.: What according to you is life?

Picture Credits: Ishita Shah.

Shh! Just rambling.

There are times when I need to ramble and I am going to do just that.


Ramble about life in general and my life in particular. See, that’s rambling.

Warning issued.

Do you believe in planning out the next five years or ten years of your life? Do you really think visualizing yourself in a beautiful house with marble furnished flooring and french windows overlooking the NY or LA or rather any skyline actually helps? Is life so predictable that what we dream and desire actually happens? Or is my life the only odd one out where plans seem to be trashed?

Now, now. Do not think I am depressed or unhappy with how life is turning out to be. Not at all! With full credit to the Creator, I am okay with the twists and turns he’s planned out on the way. Some things go according to me, some don’t. But I deal with it my way.

Actually the ones who concocted “Life is unfair” weren’t exactly idiots, you know. So, you were given the heads up long back. Very often, when we find our plans going off track, we curse, shout, complain, cry. Do we ever sit and wonder if what’s happening came after warnings which we just refused to look at?

Then there are people who say life is wonderful. What makes them say that? The predictability of life (as my friend argues, considering death is the ultimate destination!) or it’s unpredictability?

I know these are lots of questions with no answers!

But I would love to hear what you think? About the questions! Not my rambling. :p

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Jangled nerves + BIG day tomorrow = Rambling me.