Saving Grace. Part 2.

Continued from… His hand beneath her head, he sat beside her carefully, trying not to jerk her awake. The street was cold, almost wet. He took off his jacket and placed it on the ground. He awkwardly shuffled on to it. He checked his watch. Another 20 minutes to full light. What am I doingContinue reading “Saving Grace. Part 2.”

Saving Grace. Part 1.

“What are we doing?” she asked, her voice slurred, barely audible in the wooden corridors of the pub’s exit. Her stilettos sounded as she took each step, holding on to his arms, his jacket warm and fuzzy. Her skirt kept riding up with every step she took but she no longer cared. She was tooContinue reading “Saving Grace. Part 1.”

The horror of it.

He stared into nothingness, Loving the light more than the dark, Heaving breaths and sweltering palms, He rubbed his back against the bark. He saw headlights approaching, Out came he – dressed as a towering bear, All he wanted was money, The realtors wanted the fear. Graciously Yours!  

The Kill.

“Would you care for another drink maybe?” he asked, as they looked on at people dancing on the floor. “No, thank you. I don’t drink,” she replied politely, smiling at the request. “Really? I thought you had to be drunk to be so happy and lively!” “I’ll take that as a compliment!” she said, smiling.Continue reading “The Kill.”