Pool of tears.

She sat by the shore. The cold water rhythmically wet her toes now and again. Some more and then no more. She inched closer to the water. She sadly stared out at the man in the water, helplessly flailing his arms around. She wished she could help him. But she’d just come out of theContinue reading “Pool of tears.”

His Smile, For Her.

HIS SMILE, FOR HER. The day she saw him, She knew that smile was for her, The warmth that touched their hearts, Brought them closer together. Those eyes that glittered her way, Could see her inside out, His hand that touched hers, Touched the soul within. Hands clasped, rushing Through the surreality, Like two littleContinue reading “His Smile, For Her.”

At God’s Door.

AT GOD’S DOOR. The Sun scorches my body, I shield my eyes with my hand, Flicking away the black ants, Which crawl over me uninvited. The tattered cloth barely covers my nakedness, I writhe and lie in pain, The Gods I have resigned to, Lying in front of His sacred precinct. A shadow falls overContinue reading “At God’s Door.”

Under the tree.

Every single day, I was sitting in the corner under the tree – protected from the harshness of the Sun, the stares of Man and thorny ground below. I was waiting for the days to end, nights to fall, life to go on. One of those days you came along like a breath of fresh air bringing theContinue reading “Under the tree.”