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Screaming in horror. Almost.


This is a rant post. Don’t blame me if you feel like screaming in horror after reading this. Read ahead at your own risk.


Selfie Backdrop Change
What’s real about pictures anymore?

So Google tells me there are selfies of various kinds from #Ussie, #Uglie (Why? Oh why?), #Belfie, #Helfie, #Delfie, #Felfie, (I swear I am not making these names up.) #Wealthie and I’m tired!

Adding to all of those trending hashtags is a new way to click selfies – with the Vibe S1 (I am not sponsoring the product. Geez.) which will let you change the backdrop of your selfie. Wait, what?

So apart from the fact rumour that most selfies are staged and photoshopped and airbrushed and filtered and doused-in-all-other-photography-technology-related-words, we can now change our selfie backdrops.

Wanna bet which is going to be the most trendy backdrop? The Oscar red carpet pitched against the Eiffel Tower of Paris with your loved one? Or will it be snow capped peaks competing with the Victoria’s Secret runway? Who wants reality anyways?


Intolerance? Us Indians? Nah. Never.

For all those unaware, India has been discussing exactly how intolerant we are, as a country, for the past couple of months. Bans are trending, people are giving back awards felicitated on them by the Government (irrespective of the fact that the awards were given by political parties which are currently not even in power), people are being killed for their eating habits, politicians are rallying for food choices and animal (read : cow) protection like never before.

So Aamir Khan said this “Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India. For the first time, she said, should we move out of India? That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make to me. She fears for her child. She fears about what the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day. That does indicate that there is a sense of growing disquiet.”

So who really was afraid of India’s increased activities of intolerance? Kiran or Aamir? From whatever little English I understand, I think he just conveyed what Kiran said. And probably what millions of us say in the confines of our homes and safe havens of our thoughts. But refuse to admit openly. Because we are tolerant.

And for a country which is bashing Aamir for wrongly calling intolerant, are we in reality being tolerant towards his right to free speech? Latest updates show he’s being asked to leave India and his religion (of course!) is being held responsible for his thoughts (which, surprise, were actually Kiran’s thoughts.) Why did we not rise in defiance the same way when politicians said the most disgusting things about women being responsible for being raped and calling rape a ‘mistake’ which boys are allowed to commit? Why did we not ask for them to be thrown out of the country or ask for their resignations? Oh, right. Because WE ARE TOLERANT.

By the way. #IStandWithAamirKhan.

Are you bleeding? Get out. Oh, you can’t bear children? Get out.

With due respect to everyone’s religious sentiments, why would you infringe on a woman’s privacy and her faith in such a drastic way? For a country which celebrates the union of the fertilized egg and sperm in the grandest ways possible, we do treat the unfertilized egg as harshly impure. In spite of science having busted the menstrual taboos and myths over and over again.

#HappyToBleed, yes. Always.

NYC subways have rats! Eeks.

Another selfie news? No, no, not at all. Didn’t you notice the most important bit of information in this piece? Even NYC subways have rats! Time we globalized the Clean India Campaign?

Oh and confession time. I did scream at horror at what the rat did. Almost.

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Do share what you think after reading this. I really, really want to know if you screamed.

50 shades.


My Twin Soul (read more, here) was being persistently intrigued by something when she pinged me about it :

What’s going on exactly? First there are people who think it’s wrong to watch porn. Then the 50 shades series is bought and sold openly in public. People are okay reading that. And then they are eagerly waiting for the movie! Are we modernising? Or westernising? Or are people being hypocrites? They are the same people who make up India, a country where sex is still a taboo. Are we basically indecisive?

Eager to know what others thought, we sent it to friends. Male. Female. Young. Opinionated. Or so we thought.

Guy 1 : It’s entirely somebody’s personal choice whether they want to watch porn or not. You should not judge someone if they say they watch porn. Technically, 50 shades is more of an uncensored Hollywood movie than porn. It’s cool with me if even a girl chooses to watch 50 shades over a Bollywood flick.

Girl 1 : Hehe.

Somehow she seemed to have missed those question marks.

Guy 2 : Largely Indecisive. And hypocritical. Not to mention absolutely desperate.

Girl 2 : Indecisive, definitely.

Guy 3 : We maybe modernizing in a lot of ways but we haven’t made much progress when it comes to our way of thinking. I won’t say indecisive… We know it and may want it but we just don’t want to aceept that we agree to this.

Girl 3 :

Oh sorry. None of the other girls ( at least 5) responsed.

Guy 4 : We are a sex starved nation.
We try to downplay such urges as we try to be righteous. But after all such books fan our deep rooted dark desires. That’s why the books are best sellers in a country like India.

That was sensible wasn’t it? Hence, I call him Mr. Sensible. You’d know who he was if only you’d read more about the Twin Soul.

Yes, I believe we’re a sex starved nation. In our country, we can’t even discuss casually about sex among friends. A lip lock or the silhouette of a couple in a steaming shower room is viewed with blushed cheeks and hesitant eyes. You know what I mean? So I find it strange when I see  Facebook walls ascribed with how they can’t wait to see what follows the ‘steamy’ trailers. Now, talking about something as kinky as BDSM seems like the thing to do.

So are we modernizing? Or westernizing? No. Not right now, at least. I think we’re tweaking ourselves slightly to suit our social (status) needs. Actually, following books and films like 50 shades serves dual purposes for us. Firstly, it helps us keep ourselves abreast of the latest global trends. Secondly, it gives us the chance to believe that (suddenly) it really is okay to talk about the taboo. Talking or have pretense discussions about sex no longer is taboo. But for how long?

I believe that when the excitement wears off, when the trends change to a flat nosed evil or a sparkling vampire, when the film has been devoured and criticized up to the hilt, the blushed cheeks and hesitant eyes will return.

But that’s just me. What do you think? Or are you as un-opinionated as some of the people I came across?

As always,

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Tremendous respect for the guys for answering the way they did! They weren’t easy questions coming from girls.