Burnt by Cold!

The outgoing winters always have a track record of leaving me fumbling with a runny nose or a sore throat. As expected, it happened this time around too. But what happened next was un-thought of earlier. In one of my impulsive phases, I shot a question at a few friends. The answers left me speechlessContinue reading “Burnt by Cold!”

Coupon-ed Love!

Sister  : Oh. My. God. Me  : What’s wrong? Sister : You bought me all the things I asked for? Me : Isn’t that what you wanted? Sister : I did. But I never thought you would actually do it! I gave you the list expecting you would buy at least a couple of itemsContinue reading “Coupon-ed Love!”

Makeover, huh?

I am being driven to an unknown location. And I need your help! Urgent. My kidnappers (my lovely friend and a lovelier sibling) are taking me to get a pre-birthday makeover! Thankfully, they’re kind enough to not tie, gag and blindfold me! They’re ruthless though! They won’t tell me anything. Anything. At. All. So whileContinue reading “Makeover, huh?”