And it begins?

So far, whenever I have submitted my writings to a magazine, contest, literary agents or even publishing houses, all I received were rejections. Hence, when the submission to Spark Magazine was a go, I was too stunned to even react! It is only now after three rounds of edits, publication date having passed 48 hoursContinue reading “And it begins?”

For you, Jakarta Girl!

Do you have that one person in your life WHO : Reads your emotions in text without those crazy emoticons? Puts her status as “Okay” and you immediately get the #TFIOS reference. (Ref. to the context : Maybe okay will be our always. If you still don’t get point I am trying to make, thenContinue reading “For you, Jakarta Girl!”

The first in many!

A minute was all it took and my world crashed. There was darkness all around. I was scraping the marbled walls. I couldn’t take it anymore. My hopes were now pinned on God. The people around me spoke of help, just spoke. Light flitted in through the darkness, Golden glows showed through the dust, It wasContinue reading “The first in many!”

Where the heart speaks more than the mind…

Writing has always been a passion for me… Playing with words, delving into thoughts, exploring new waves of emotions… that’s more of my style! My happier times have probably been spent penning down those happy memories… This blog will see it all — happiness, dejection, anger, love, friendship, frustration, elation, success, failure, joys, dreams, inspirations…Continue reading “Where the heart speaks more than the mind…”