Under The Crescent Moon – Debut Fiction by Aditi Chandak — just spoken thoughts

Shout out to one of my favourite persons around! ❤ Thank you for loving my book! Hop over to his site when you can. Dear All, When I got first introduced to Aditi through this wonderful platform of WordPress Blog community, she was a schoolgirl balancing her academic compulsions and literary ambitions. It takes perseverance,Continue reading “Under The Crescent Moon – Debut Fiction by Aditi Chandak — just spoken thoughts”

Grab Your Copy!

Peeps! My debut novel ‘Under The Crescent Moon’ is available for grabs on Amazon India – Paperback and Kindle version. We’re arranging for international distribution soon and I’ll update interested readers soon! Available for purchase here. Welcoming my fellow bloggers to share the blogpost on their blogs. Book reviews are welcome! Graciously Yours!


Previous Word : Fire. As she walked out of her office, she was greeted by a gust of wind! She took her ear phones out to hear windows rattling and dust sweeping across. She needed to cool off after a long, bad day! A drop of water fell on her cheek. She saw a cabContinue reading “Rain.”

Cosmetics for the Moon?

By 2050 : Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Who’s the fairest of them all? The Moon! Once upon a time, on a full moon night, somewhere in the West, someone may have spent a night like this : Husband (relaxing after a long day of work in his balcony) : I love how peaceful the nightContinue reading “Cosmetics for the Moon?”

The day I saw you!

  I trudged along the road, Seeming as it may, To my tired eyes, The same each day.     The dust swirls, The Sun rays blind, The leaves strewn all over, Blank thoughts crossing my mind.     You came in like, A whiff of fresh air, You seemed to be the answer, To myContinue reading “The day I saw you!”

Life Notes #9.

Warning : Rambling ahead. I am sitting somewhere (bored to the hilt!) and writing this post where I shouldn’t be writing it from, which I am obviously not going to divulge here! The past few days a lot of stuff has been swirling around in this crammed head of mine and it’s time to check withContinue reading “Life Notes #9.”

Breathing Easy.

Vinita left her office late tonight. There was work to do and her husband was not in town also. She was just going home for dinner and sleep. What she did not account for was the weather! She’d barely walked five minutes from her office that winds started blowing the dust and grime from the road intoContinue reading “Breathing Easy.”

Don’t let me go.

You make my days seem like ages, and my hours seem like minutes. You flirt all you want, but I sense the pain in your heart. You are charming and maybe truly my lucky charm. You make my worries vanish, and my lips smile to the fullest. You are a rarity, both literally and rhetorically.Continue reading “Don’t let me go.”

I belong to you.

The touch of your skin, The blaze in my heart, The bumps on my skin, Victory in your heart. The glow in your eyes, The warmth on my face, Welled tears to my eyes, That smile on your face. I danced into your arms, Cradled for life, Throwing around you my arms, For the lastContinue reading “I belong to you.”

Longing to love.

He checked the box for the bracelet the umpteenth time. Another twelve hours and she would be back, by what his mother knew. Some urgent work had cropped up and they had gone over to her mother’s hometown. Again what his mother knew. As he cleared his bed, to retire for the night, he coaxedContinue reading “Longing to love.”