At God’s Door.

AT GOD’S DOOR. The Sun scorches my body, I shield my eyes with my hand, Flicking away the black ants, Which crawl over me uninvited. The tattered cloth barely covers my nakedness, I writhe and lie in pain, The Gods I have resigned to, Lying in front of His sacred precinct. A shadow falls overContinue reading “At God’s Door.”

Seeing me in you.

Looking into your eyes, I lose myself in their depths, My hands in yours, Seem to melt all my troubles away. Fingers entwined, feet in sync, I can take the world head on, Your faith in me, Is much more than my trust in myself. Taking you up in my arms, Kissing your cheeks asContinue reading “Seeing me in you.”

Spreading love.

A fellow blogger, Umber, has very kindly set me to task for not writing regularly! I’ve been asked to define LOVE my way, in 10 lines and 4 words in each line. Well, I agree with Mary Crawley when she says, “I don’t care a fig about rules.” Here is my poem, if it can beContinue reading “Spreading love.”

Would you still…?

  As I sit here, with my eyes closed, breaths slow, a mind tired of racing, I only think of you, my love. Would you still want me, if I had told you I wanted to make you mine?  Would you still be mine, if I had told you how much I loved you? Would you still loveContinue reading “Would you still…?”