Calcutta Calling!

Oh, Calcutta. You beauty. The moment I stepped out of the airplane, the air came down on me warm and heavy! My body knew it was in Calcutta before my brain could even decode the neural transmissions. I can feel dampness in my breath. My hair feels sticky all over. And my jeans feel likeContinue reading “Calcutta Calling!”

Launching LOI!

A few weeks ago, I discussed with some of you here on the blog that you’d still love to write letters and be pen pals. So here we are in the guise of LETTERS OF INDIA. Currently, it is being spearheaded by three crazy and opinionated women: Uno. A Chartered Accountant who’d rather write overContinue reading “Launching LOI!”

Abounding Passions.

Abounding Passions. You made me write when I lost the touch, You made me smile when my mind was thinking too much, You brought me closer to the real me, You made dark the new sexy! Your soft touch paled my pain, You were my rainbow in the rain, We moved away with the time due,Continue reading “Abounding Passions.”