Quote Challenge – Day 3.

The blogger over at Just A Small Town Girl nominated me for a quote challenge recently. Go check her blog out, y’all! Challenge’s rules: Post on three consecutive days. You can pick one or three quotes per day. Challenge three different bloggers per day. Today’s quotes come from none other than the lady who not only weavedContinue reading “Quote Challenge – Day 3.”

For you, Jakarta Girl!

Do you have that one person in your life WHO : Reads your emotions in text without those crazy emoticons? Puts her status as “Okay” and you immediately get the #TFIOS reference. (Ref. to the context : Maybe okay will be our always. If you still don’t get point I am trying to make, thenContinue reading “For you, Jakarta Girl!”

Taking the breath away!

You looked, you smiled, You strode, I sighed. The twinkle in your eyes, The kindness in your soul, No matter what others say, I would give myself up for you – as a whole. A glance, a nod, The swag, I thought, Could never go unnoticed, ‘Twas so sexy and hot. You charmed, I eyed,Continue reading “Taking the breath away!”

Maneka’s Magical Mammals!

Flipping through old pictures, often brings back those breathtaking moments which make you what you are. Here’s one of mine : I was 16 and scared of dogs. I had been sent to interview Maneka Sorcar, a magician herself and the daughter of one of the best magicians in India and a very respected figureContinue reading “Maneka’s Magical Mammals!”

The One Night (That) Stands! – Part 3.

Continued … Gingerly placing her foot on the steps, she landed quietly on the floor. She faced to give him a quick smile but he was looking out into the blackness. “Fine,” is all she thought. She sat opposite to him on the other end of the berth and put her cell on charge. WaitingContinue reading “The One Night (That) Stands! – Part 3.”

The One Night (That) Stands! – Part 2.

Continued … “Yes, Ankita. I was having my dinner. I’ll call you back?” she said, staring at the now empty dinner tray lying on the compartment floor. Puzzled, he sat thinking whether he had deduced her too early! “Vivaan, hi!” … “All okay between you and Ankita? You again had a fight?” … “Oh! You’reContinue reading “The One Night (That) Stands! – Part 2.”

The one night (that) stands! – Part 1.

It’s romantic. It’s pleasant. It’s memorable. It’s about the ageless beauty of love through only the eyes. It’s… The one night (that) stands! Sitting by the window, she looked out at the scores of green fields rushing by, some with specks of brown and white grazing on them, others ready to be harvested (or soContinue reading “The one night (that) stands! – Part 1.”