Moo Points?

My week started on a bad note – regular household issues – oh yes, we bachelors have those too. No maid, cook screwed up the food quantities, delayed to work, no transport, traffic and oh, the heat! So coming up, are a lot of moo points. Take it or leave it, but do read it! As IContinue reading “Moo Points?”

What’s in a name after all?

The SpaceX BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) is now called the Starship! Musk has been known to be creative even when it comes to naming his ventures. At least, the latest ones. Boring Company. Why? Because they bore through the ground to make tunnels! Brick Store. Why? Well, duh. Because they’re selling bricks! Bricks from theContinue reading “What’s in a name after all?”

We, the Indians?

A New Zealander’s view on the reasons for corruption in India: Indians are Hobbesian (a culture of self-interest). Corruption in India is a cultural aspect. Indians seem to think nothing peculiar about corruption. It is everywhere.  Indians tolerate corrupt individuals rather than correct them. No race can be congenitally corrupt. But can a race beContinue reading “We, the Indians?”