At peace within.

    Her petite frame stood by the window, the hands outstretched to feel the torrential rains pour down on her palms. He went and held her by the waist, nestling her back into his arms. They stood like that for ages it seemed. The chill in the air, peace in her breaths, the soundContinue reading “At peace within.”


  I was in love with life. Until… All those small moments shared, All those little secrets told, All those great mysteries unfolded, We were there for one other unrivalled.   Tagging along, always found by my side, Today, when I turn, I see none beside. A twinkle here, a smile there, Would make myContinue reading “IN LOVE… WITH LIFE.”

The Silent Mourner.

Innumerable people I meet, Yet I can never stop thinking about you, Innumerable words I speak, Yet I can never get tired of wanting to listen to you.   You were the one, Who loved me for what I was. You were the one, Who made me realize what I could be.   I alwaysContinue reading “The Silent Mourner.”

To Dream Of Love…

The teenage heart flutters at the very mention of love! The worldly experiences make love less dreamy to the more experienced souls… But sometimes when you are on the verge of falling in the bliss of love, don’t let it go… Never let it go… Grab the chance before it’s too late!   I gotContinue reading “To Dream Of Love…”