His Smile, For Her.

HIS SMILE, FOR HER. The day she saw him, She knew that smile was for her, The warmth that touched their hearts, Brought them closer together. Those eyes that glittered her way, Could see her inside out, His hand that touched hers, Touched the soul within. Hands clasped, rushing Through the surreality, Like two littleContinue reading “His Smile, For Her.”

Seeing me in you.

Looking into your eyes, I lose myself in their depths, My hands in yours, Seem to melt all my troubles away. Fingers entwined, feet in sync, I can take the world head on, Your faith in me, Is much more than my trust in myself. Taking you up in my arms, Kissing your cheeks asContinue reading “Seeing me in you.”

2 days to go.

With 2 days to go in 2014, here’s one of my most important life lessons: People will come and people will go. Good times won’t last as long as you want them to. Forevers don’t exist in reality. A relationship, any relationship, takes work. Sometimes the other person will feel your love to be constrictiveContinue reading “2 days to go.”

Love not lost.

You knew all along, How much I loved you, Yet you feigned ignorance for so long, Hoping time would make me grow over you. You were wrong to have turned me away, Your love which was mine always going strong, Your heart kept beating and throbbing my way, Until it was too late and thingsContinue reading “Love not lost.”

Under the tree.

Every single day, I was sitting in the corner under the tree – protected from the harshness of the Sun, the stares of Man and thorny ground below. I was waiting for the days to end, nights to fall, life to go on. One of those days you came along like a breath of fresh air bringing theContinue reading “Under the tree.”

Good guys aren’t always taken!

For quite a while, I had been proclaiming (or maybe quoting!) that all the good guys are either gay or committed. Well, back then I had reason to. My list of good then consisted of the likes of Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris, T.R.Knight and obviously a horde of good looking committed men (well outContinue reading “Good guys aren’t always taken!”

Dare to dream?

For the past few days I have been pacifying myself with these words : “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough” And I think I have dreamt big. Because my dream is scaring the hell out of me! My dream wasn’t planned. One fine day, it just happened to become mine! Some oneContinue reading “Dare to dream?”

I belong to you.

The touch of your skin, The blaze in my heart, The bumps on my skin, Victory in your heart. The glow in your eyes, The warmth on my face, Welled tears to my eyes, That smile on your face. I danced into your arms, Cradled for life, Throwing around you my arms, For the lastContinue reading “I belong to you.”

Taking the breath away!

You looked, you smiled, You strode, I sighed. The twinkle in your eyes, The kindness in your soul, No matter what others say, I would give myself up for you – as a whole. A glance, a nod, The swag, I thought, Could never go unnoticed, ‘Twas so sexy and hot. You charmed, I eyed,Continue reading “Taking the breath away!”

The Night of the Wedding.

“That is a beautiful wedding dress you’re wearing! Do you need any help?” Sweta came in, asking cheerfully. “No, you’ve done so much already. Thank you so much! Your entire hotel staff has been very helpful,” gushed the bride, Payal. “That’s the job, you know,” pat came the reply, knowing fully well that she always gave in moreContinue reading “The Night of the Wedding.”