Thought Flash #6

If marriages are indeed made in heaven, are you telling me God actually went about match making on the basis of caste? Or religion? Or even for that matter on the basis of gender? Souls, as per last understanding, were gender-less. Caste-less. And religion-less. So how can my soulmate be from the same religion or casteContinue reading “Thought Flash #6”

Wheeling towards life.

“You see that man down there who’s cycling?” said the Creator to the little baby beside Him. The soon-to-be-born gurgled, “Yes” in baby lingo. Soon, even his mother would understand it as well as God did. “That cyclist doesn’t have ambitions. He hasn’t made plans on how he wants to spend his next five years.Continue reading “Wheeling towards life.”

At God’s Door. No more…

Two months ago, I’d shared the plight of a poor, homeless man. Today, he’s missing. For the past two weeks, actually. Should I rather say dead? Because he was barely being able to walk twenty days ago. A friend, on the man’s request carried him two feet away to where he wanted to sit. Then we saw him takeContinue reading “At God’s Door. No more…”

At God’s Door.

AT GOD’S DOOR. The Sun scorches my body, I shield my eyes with my hand, Flicking away the black ants, Which crawl over me uninvited. The tattered cloth barely covers my nakedness, I writhe and lie in pain, The Gods I have resigned to, Lying in front of His sacred precinct. A shadow falls overContinue reading “At God’s Door.”

Cheers to life! Again.

Dear biker, Thank you for ramming into me yesterday. You put my life into perspective again. Of late I’d started giving more leeway into my life to people who probably didn’t want it. The heart wants what the heart wants after all. I had started forgetting it was my life and no one deserved moreContinue reading “Cheers to life! Again.”

1 day to go!

Facebook wants to tell me how my year has been. If I go by that, all I did in 2014 was sketch a few portraits, go to a few restaurants with a bunch of people, and get pictures clicked for my sister’s #100happydays! Well, that’s not how it was, Facebook. Exactly a year ago, my fatherContinue reading “1 day to go!”

The first in many!

A minute was all it took and my world crashed. There was darkness all around. I was scraping the marbled walls. I couldn’t take it anymore. My hopes were now pinned on God. The people around me spoke of help, just spoke. Light flitted in through the darkness, Golden glows showed through the dust, It wasContinue reading “The first in many!”

Is there a God?

“Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.” Thomas Jefferson. Do you think there’s a God? If you do, like most of us, then : Why does unwavering faith become blind faith? Why does hope becomeContinue reading “Is there a God?”