To the countless storms Swirling inside of you, BREAK FREE. Because if you’re waiting for the right time, you couldn’t be more wrong.   Stop waiting for the stars to align, the Universe to send signals, the Gods to descend. Make your own mistakes, choose your own days, decide for your own self. What isContinue reading “Trapped?”

Alone, not lonely.

He wanted to soar, To places that were beyond, The reach of others, The fancies of their minds, The places no one went to, Because they would be alone, And that is what he wanted, To be alone, not lonely, Invisible, not blind, Peaceful, not wanting. He couldn’t explain, Words failed him, But the feelingContinue reading “Alone, not lonely.”

The Caged Freedom.

Staring at the vast blue skies, I sit, My wings never even opening, The clouds call me out towards, To frolick around in the vapours, I sigh. I wish I was the gazelle, Leaping about free and unbound, Instead I am the caged bird of paradise, To be lavished upon with praises, children and parents’Continue reading “The Caged Freedom.”

For you.

Yes, you. I am talking to you. Yes, keep shunning that make up. You really don’t need to be perfecting your skin and eye lashes all the time. You love rubbing your eyes when you’re tired. There’s no compulsion to put on the kohl, if you don’t like it. Yes, I am talking to you too.  YouContinue reading “For you.”