I belong to you.

The touch of your skin, The blaze in my heart, The bumps on my skin, Victory in your heart. The glow in your eyes, The warmth on my face, Welled tears to my eyes, That smile on your face. I danced into your arms, Cradled for life, Throwing around you my arms, For the lastContinue reading “I belong to you.”

Longing to love.

He checked the box for the bracelet the umpteenth time. Another twelve hours and she would be back, by what his mother knew. Some urgent work had cropped up and they had gone over to her mother’s hometown. Again what his mother knew. As he cleared his bed, to retire for the night, he coaxedContinue reading “Longing to love.”

The Night of the Wedding.

“That is a beautiful wedding dress you’re wearing! Do you need any help?” Sweta came in, asking cheerfully. “No, you’ve done so much already. Thank you so much! Your entire hotel staff has been very helpful,” gushed the bride, Payal. “That’s the job, you know,” pat came the reply, knowing fully well that she always gave in moreContinue reading “The Night of the Wedding.”

At peace within.

    Her petite frame stood by the window, the hands outstretched to feel the torrential rains pour down on her palms. He went and held her by the waist, nestling her back into his arms. They stood like that for ages it seemed. The chill in the air, peace in her breaths, the soundContinue reading “At peace within.”