Forever and always.

He pulled me closer. My arms tingled with his touch. A current shot through me as he held me in his arms. I still fit snugly in his shape. I laid my head on his chest. Caressing my back, he dug his face in my hair. He loved my white mane much more than I did.Continue reading “Forever and always.”


The violet orchids you held out for me, Looked striking against the indigo dress I wore, As your smiling blue eyes mesmerized me, making my heart race, The ladies around stared, envious and green. We drove back to your place, yellow lights shining against the night city sky, I stirred in your arms, awakening to the orange huesContinue reading “VIBGYOR”

I belong to you.

The touch of your skin, The blaze in my heart, The bumps on my skin, Victory in your heart. The glow in your eyes, The warmth on my face, Welled tears to my eyes, That smile on your face. I danced into your arms, Cradled for life, Throwing around you my arms, For the lastContinue reading “I belong to you.”

The Night of the Wedding.

“That is a beautiful wedding dress you’re wearing! Do you need any help?” Sweta came in, asking cheerfully. “No, you’ve done so much already. Thank you so much! Your entire hotel staff has been very helpful,” gushed the bride, Payal. “That’s the job, you know,” pat came the reply, knowing fully well that she always gave in moreContinue reading “The Night of the Wedding.”

The One Night (That) Stands! – Part 3.

Continued … Gingerly placing her foot on the steps, she landed quietly on the floor. She faced to give him a quick smile but he was looking out into the blackness. “Fine,” is all she thought. She sat opposite to him on the other end of the berth and put her cell on charge. WaitingContinue reading “The One Night (That) Stands! – Part 3.”

The One Night (That) Stands! – Part 2.

Continued … “Yes, Ankita. I was having my dinner. I’ll call you back?” she said, staring at the now empty dinner tray lying on the compartment floor. Puzzled, he sat thinking whether he had deduced her too early! “Vivaan, hi!” … “All okay between you and Ankita? You again had a fight?” … “Oh! You’reContinue reading “The One Night (That) Stands! – Part 2.”

To Dream Of Love…

The teenage heart flutters at the very mention of love! The worldly experiences make love less dreamy to the more experienced souls… But sometimes when you are on the verge of falling in the bliss of love, don’t let it go… Never let it go… Grab the chance before it’s too late!   I gotContinue reading “To Dream Of Love…”