Caesar is BACK!

So fellas! Good news is that Caesar is back! And how! This morning I finally worked up the courage to walk up to Dad and ask him about the whereabouts of Caesar. Very casually, Dad tells me, “I threw it away”. The next few minutes I pleaded him, begged him, even cited that my a hundred and thirty something followersContinue reading “Caesar is BACK!”

Post-Diwali post!

​ So, here are some of our Diwali celebration pictures : And as for my missing Caesar, about which you can read here if you haven’t yet, I have no conclusive evidence of his whereabouts yet. But from what little information, I have gained from my interrogation and from undisclosed sources, it seems my fatherContinue reading “Post-Diwali post!”

Diwali Post!

There are more than a couple of reasons why I am writing this post : Firstly, to wish you all a really happy Diwali! It is an age old Indian festival depicting ‘good wins over evil’, traditionally celebrated as the Festival of Lights all over the country (which unfortunately, over the years has become more ofContinue reading “Diwali Post!”