Blowing Off The Candle.

Birthdays – most love it, some dread it! Some feel wiser, others feel older. Some ignore it, some party harder than other days. If nothing else, a birthday heralds the announcement of completing yet another year on this wonderful planet! If I was on Mars, I’d currently be just 13! Be a Mercurian and I’d beContinue reading “Blowing Off The Candle.”

It’s Your B’day!

Finally coming around to a proper b’day dedication for you! Dear D, If friendships were made in heaven, ours would almost make it to that list. Well, almost ‘cuz you gotta work on being perfect from almost perfect. I crossed the perfection threshold long ago! 😉 I still have to figure out why I dislikedContinue reading “It’s Your B’day!”

Coupon-ed Love!

Sister  : Oh. My. God. Me  : What’s wrong? Sister : You bought me all the things I asked for? Me : Isn’t that what you wanted? Sister : I did. But I never thought you would actually do it! I gave you the list expecting you would buy at least a couple of itemsContinue reading “Coupon-ed Love!”

Another year passes!

Time flies! In leaps and bounds. Another year older and hopefully another year wiser! To maintain tradition of my birthday blog posts, this one is the latest! So there’s my new look (as informed in the previous post) which I absolutely adore, though some people claim I haven’t really changed much. But those some people also called meContinue reading “Another year passes!”

Makeover, huh?

I am being driven to an unknown location. And I need your help! Urgent. My kidnappers (my lovely friend and a lovelier sibling) are taking me to get a pre-birthday makeover! Thankfully, they’re kind enough to not tie, gag and blindfold me! They’re ruthless though! They won’t tell me anything. Anything. At. All. So whileContinue reading “Makeover, huh?”

For you, Jakarta Girl!

Do you have that one person in your life WHO : Reads your emotions in text without those crazy emoticons? Puts her status as “Okay” and you immediately get the #TFIOS reference. (Ref. to the context : Maybe okay will be our always. If you still don’t get point I am trying to make, thenContinue reading “For you, Jakarta Girl!”

Turned 22 for the first time!

Hi! Turned 22 for the first time today, for all those who do not believe in re-births and reincarnations.  And a list of another firsts which happened : — I got my first ISD call from Jakarta. Talking after long to a close friend, just like those good old Whatsapp free tech days, feels soContinue reading “Turned 22 for the first time!”