Alone, not lonely.

He wanted to soar, To places that were beyond, The reach of others, The fancies of their minds, The places no one went to, Because they would be alone, And that is what he wanted, To be alone, not lonely, Invisible, not blind, Peaceful, not wanting. He couldn’t explain, Words failed him, But the feelingContinue reading “Alone, not lonely.”

The Caged Freedom.

Staring at the vast blue skies, I sit, My wings never even opening, The clouds call me out towards, To frolick around in the vapours, I sigh. I wish I was the gazelle, Leaping about free and unbound, Instead I am the caged bird of paradise, To be lavished upon with praises, children and parents’Continue reading “The Caged Freedom.”

Flowers over birds.

Recently, I went to an undisclosed location (the mystery is alluring) where we can safely say that birds and flowers can be found in abundance among other things (and it was no bird park. Duh.). I have never fully appreciated the patience exuded by photographers who click bird pictures. Until I tried to capture their shots,Continue reading “Flowers over birds.”

And it soared away…

4:48 pm. Deserve a break! After drowning myself in two long hours of Indian Company Law, I sat by the bed, looking out into the dusk sky, which had emptied its hydrants just a while back. In the fag end of March. Rare and unusual but nevertheless a relief from the mild but humid heat. SittingContinue reading “And it soared away…”