In the woods.

  The box. The door. The crumbling brick. They all begged me to enter.┬áIt was the only shelter I could find from the thunders outside! I’d lost my way back. Now it didn’t seem such a good idea to stomp out of the resort in anger. In my blind anger, I’d forgotten the road andContinue reading “In the woods.”


I scared you. The knowledge I had of you, scared you. I became the personal diary you never wrote. You could see the ghosts of your past reflected in my eyes, each time you looked into them. I became a reminder of what you were trying to forget. My comfort with you, scared you. YouContinue reading “Scarred.”

Alone, not lonely.

He wanted to soar, To places that were beyond, The reach of others, The fancies of their minds, The places no one went to, Because they would be alone, And that is what he wanted, To be alone, not lonely, Invisible, not blind, Peaceful, not wanting. He couldn’t explain, Words failed him, But the feelingContinue reading “Alone, not lonely.”