Under The Crescent Moon – Debut Fiction by Aditi Chandak — just spoken thoughts

Shout out to one of my favourite persons around! ❤ Thank you for loving my book! Hop over to his site when you can. Dear All, When I got first introduced to Aditi through this wonderful platform of WordPress Blog community, she was a schoolgirl balancing her academic compulsions and literary ambitions. It takes perseverance,Continue reading “Under The Crescent Moon – Debut Fiction by Aditi Chandak — just spoken thoughts”

Completed — 100 happy days.

And that my friends is the end of my 100 happy days pledge!  Lots of memories, lots of struggles to find something happy in the day, hurried flashes of camera, getting out of bed half asleep after having forgotten to post the day’s happy picture, and penning some beautiful pieces on days like this and this! Oh and this too!Continue reading “Completed — 100 happy days.”

And it soared away…

4:48 pm. Deserve a break! After drowning myself in two long hours of Indian Company Law, I sat by the bed, looking out into the dusk sky, which had emptied its hydrants just a while back. In the fag end of March. Rare and unusual but nevertheless a relief from the mild but humid heat. SittingContinue reading “And it soared away…”