From ‘broken’ to just ‘tangled’.

Every now and then we all have to make decisions. Decide about whether we wish to live in the past or move ahead through newer, unknown doors; whether we wish to cling to the unfulfilled dreams in the hope that they will someday become your future reality or rush into the loving arms of theContinue reading “From ‘broken’ to just ‘tangled’.”

Shh! Just rambling.

There are times when I need to ramble and I am going to do just that. Ramble. Ramble about life in general and my life in particular. See, that’s rambling. Warning issued. Do you believe in planning out the next five years or ten years of your life? Do you really think visualizing yourself in a beautifulContinue reading “Shh! Just rambling.”

Maketh or Breaketh?

  Life throws challenges at all of us. For some the challenge is to select a dress for the day out of a walk-in closet they own, for others it might be choosing the course which will have lesser impact financially or maybe seeing your own relatives disown you, or seeing your love fade away. RegardlessContinue reading “Maketh or Breaketh?”