R.I.P English

All through these years, I’ve never been in favour of belittling others or ridiculing others for their wobbly hold of the English language. Primary reason being, these people are aware of their weakness and are often trying to get past it.   However, in the past few days, I’ve come across mispronunciations and wrong usage ofContinue reading “R.I.P English”

#RahmanIshq! – The A.R.Rahman concert in Calcutta!

Yesterday evening, the God himself descended in Calcutta, armed with his instruments, the rains signaling his arrival and ceasing at his descent, darkness enveloping a crowd of thousands waiting for a mere glimpse, uproar at his first syllable, adrenalin rushing through the throbbing veins at the first hint of music. That was A.R. Rahman atContinue reading “#RahmanIshq! – The A.R.Rahman concert in Calcutta!”

I found my Twin Soul!

Me : Found this beautifully worded quote on the internet — “I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary.” Mr. Sensible : That is so romantic! Me (Thinking deeply, frowning) : I would say these are subtle words portrayingContinue reading “I found my Twin Soul!”

If only I could fly away!

I sat by the window, Looking out at the sky, The forlorn bird flying across The expanse of blue Touching the chords of my heart. The small, brown wonder circled around, And perched atop the neighboring window. As it shushed and looked around, It seemed to mirror my state of mind. How I longed toContinue reading “If only I could fly away!”

Contrasting Worlds! (For better or for worse?)

Last morning in a deliberate (and desperate!) attempt to set ourselves free from the shackles of our hectic schedules, a few of us went out on an early Sunday morning drive to the not-so-well-frequented places of Calcutta. Sincere advice — Next time you’re freewheeling around like me, just observe what’s around you. One of our stopsContinue reading “Contrasting Worlds! (For better or for worse?)”

To Dream Of Love…

The teenage heart flutters at the very mention of love! The worldly experiences make love less dreamy to the more experienced souls… But sometimes when you are on the verge of falling in the bliss of love, don’t let it go… Never let it go… Grab the chance before it’s too late!   I gotContinue reading “To Dream Of Love…”