Published! Finally.

Published! It has taken almost four years, give or take (mostly, give) a few months to get to an ISBN number being issued for my debut novel!

A lot of you bloggers have read me over the years and you definitely deserve insights into the book (currently in print and awaiting listing on e-commerce platforms).

Maera and Vikrant are close – really close – and everyone thinks it will only be a matter of time before they become ‘a couple’. But Vikrant has a past which haunts him and he won’t let go. He makes a decision which changes everything but the what-ifs still remain. They say the past is history but what if they’re repeating it? ‘Under the Crescent Moon’ is a tale of love, loss and finding life. Fast paced, set in today’s times, it brings together the everyday stumbles of relationships – heartbreaks, lost friendships, strained filial bonds and death.

Blurb for Under The Crescent Moon

The book isn’t a drama, thriller or a boy meets girl story. The characters live through everyday struggles, make mistakes, irrational decisions, fail to communicate, fear their dreams, live through insecurities but at the end of the day, they try and make each other better. They’re not perfect, they’re not meant to be, they’re not trying to be. They’re just trying to live through life like most of us. For many, the book might come across as simplistic, or dare I say, idealistic but that’s because I didn’t want to take away from the core of the story. Yes, in the real world there’d be caste issues, religion troubles, gender disparity but they aren’t the essence of this story. It calls for simpler times and complex emotions. And here is where you’d hopefully find one of my best works – raw emotions, inked.

Stay tuned for more updates! Can’t wait to get the book out to all of you. 💜

Graciously Yours!

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11 thoughts on “Published! Finally.

  1. Hearty congratulations Aditi! A few years ago, I had dropped the comment letting you know how much I like the moon. I know it’s not related but it felt good to see tha word moon in the title. I am sure the book will be an awesome read too. So yeah, I will wait for it. And yeah, congratulations and best luck for the journey. Also, I would suggest to hop over to Goodreads and crate an Author profile. Put the information about the book over there. It will help you reach the larger audience.

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    1. Hey Pratik! Thank you so much!! I love the moon – I couldn’t not use it as a motif. 😛 That Goodreads profile is a good idea. I’ll work on it over the weekend. Also, would you like to do a book review on your blog?


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