My happy place.


The Internet, as we all know it, can be a vicious place to be. If you still don’t know it, well, you haven’t explored enough. Right from seeking gratification to fake news, keeping up with TikTok videos and the latest record-breaking egg, medical remedies to tips on how to build your own rocket, you will find it all. It’s brought the world closer together but it’s also taken us apart.

I am sure each of you has had days where you just want to keep the phone aside and not look at what the internet had to offer. The deluge of information can be overwhelming and a detox work sometimes but then you get hit by FOMO! In all of this confusion, what do you really do with those twiddling thumbs?

I try to detox every once in a while but I am left with my own thoughts which do not really help because they’re, if I may say so, contaminated by social media. Everything seems so peachy and perfect on social media that I start questioning the daily rigours I face in life. For once I’d like to know the challenges people face, the scars that are healing, the pain hidden behind those smiles. I’d like to know the people for who they are and not for what they want to project.

So how do you find a happy place on the World Wide Web? One that assures that it will take care of you, it will not let you down, bring a smile on your face. I found mine! Pinterest. And I cannot swear by it enough. It’s helped me through two heartbreaks, endless writer’s blocks, restless hours of melancholy, dried spells of humour, DIY craft spurts and hell, even when I wanted to drool over the hotness we can never seem to find in our daily lives. No one’s competing for attention there, no one’s trying to up the ante further, no one’s liking or commenting and if they are, I am blissfully unaware. All you find are pictures people have pinned on to their boards, private or public, and the algorithms do the rest based on your search keywords.


Pinterest to me represents the true collaboration of how far one’s choices and ideas can go if one only has the intent of not seeking validation but instead sharing it because they wanted to. I love the quotes, life stories and confessions that you find up there! They restore my faith in humanity. Pinterest makes me come to terms with the fact that whatever be my life story, someone else is also living the same story somewhere out there, if not worse.

In a world of seven billion people, I may be unique but I am not alone!

Graciously Yours!

P.S.: This is not a sponsored post, though I wish they did sponsor me! If only. *Sigh*

Published by AditiChandak

Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

9 thoughts on “My happy place.

  1. I endorse you: The entire scene looks too perfect to be true and what with perfect holiday adventures. I also wonder how things are so hunky dory. Glad to see your happy space online and mine would be actually a coffee shop but also Netflix, right now 🙂

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    1. Hahhahaha! I’ve always wanted to just sit in a coffee shop and people watch. Netflix is good but after a while it leaves me drained out. But I am glad it works for you! 🙂
      What are you currently watching on Netflix?

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  2. I think social media is so vast these days that there’s a platform for every sort of personality! I’m surprised no one has done a ‘which social media platform are you?’ quiz yet (they probably have, I just haven’t seen it yet!). For me, I’ve never liked nor understood pinterest. I hate twitter though I use it (but only passively) but I know friends who swear by it. I find it too cruel. I used to dislike Instagram too but as my love of Facebook is slowly waning I’ve found myself more attracted to that platform in recent days. I’m not sure about a ‘happy place’ for me. I think it’s more likely I find happy places instead – depending on my mood at the time! 😀

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    1. Oh, I am sure there is that quiz somewhere. Look I found it for you –

      According to them, I am Instagram! 😛

      I come up with funny commentary on my everyday life which would make brilliant memes but I am too private to put it out on Twitter – so I just Whatsapp it to my few constants. 😉 I am tired of Facebook but apparently it is helpful for marketing my blog, so the account remains active.
      I saw you on Pinterest the other day BTW! 🙂

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