Dog weds Goat.

(Not fake news!)

I am angry. Seething with anger, if I may so until I go on to the next news piece which arouses the same emotion in me. This probably has something to do with the click bait theories and algorithms being run by all social media outlets and even news agencies these days – all that they wish to do is get a response from us, mostly in the form of outrage, or surprise, or any sort of reaction. So here goes mine.

I understand not celebrating Valentine’s Day. A lot of people consider it a commercial gimmick, which it is, and they do not want to succumb to it. There are others who call out a day of love as unnecessarily famed, because they treat all days with love. Then there will be people who think a Western concept has no place to hold in a country like India, a concoction of cultures in itself. What I don’t understand is marrying a dog to a goat as a mark of protest against V-day?! What on Earth were you thinking? And this was not a thought which crossed across only one person’s mind. There were several others who agreed with the perpetrator of the idea and that led to a group protest, a mass protest more like.

What’s more – the media reported it, social media sites lapped it up and then like every action has an equal and opposite reaction, there came a protest group protesting against these protesters and filed a divorce petition for the marriage of A DOG AND A GOAT!!!

I am not even making this up. I don’t think I am this creative! I am just stating the facts as reported in the news.

My questions, the ones just off the mind would be – was the marriage even registered in the first place? And who really married them? And as per Hindu rituals, Islam or Christianity? And who’s going to be hearing the petition and awarding a divorce?

Also, did anyone care to ask the Dog and Goat if they want a divorce, because we in India sure as hell don’t ask if they wanted to get married!


Graciously Yours!


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5 thoughts on “Dog weds Goat.

  1. I still can’t believe this is for real. Such type of news is the main reason why Western people make fun of us. I have another one which is also real news. A woman pretended to be a man to get married to get dowry. He(actually a she) married (and divorced) three times before he(she) got exposed.

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    1. Oh yes!! I did read that news.
      Oh don’t worry about the westerners making fun of us. I have an entire series related to poop news on the USA 😂
      Just not finding the time to pen it down. 😛

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  2. Well in a country where people are married off to frogs, monkeys, dogs, goats and strangely banana trees in the name of some weird superstition..this really doesnt come as a surprise…but what does come as a surprise is the divorce. i think someone just wanted to have some fun and has done that. After all we live on a planet and age where people still believe earth is flat, pointing your fans at a hurricane will blow it away and global warming is a Chinese hoax. So at this point cant really make out what is fiction and what is not.


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