A rant on pockets.

Fundamental question coming up!

Be pre-warned that this has nothing to do with feminism or being a snob.

How many of you men have been shopping with women – your friends, sister, girlfriend, mother or to purchase gifts for your friend’s female friends? Whether you have or haven’t, not many of you must have noticed the stark contrast between the number of pockets a woman’s attire lacks versus the deluge of pockets in a man’s attire.

While shopping, we women have a lot of options to choose from. Let’s say I want to buy a pair of bottoms. My options begin from jeans, jeggings, shorts, trousers, capris, plazzos, harem pants, jogger pants, mini skirts, midis, maxis and these are just the western wear section, without going to the different fit styles available.


But most of the time the options haven’t really met my expectations in terms of one simple thing – pockets.

Why don’t my clothes have pockets?!

I have had to purchase trousers without pockets because apart from that one lacunae they fit really well. I have erroneously purchased plazzos which only had a pocket seam but no actual pocket! My jeans are such snug fits but with pockets large enough to only accommodate half the size of an average 5 inch screen smartphone.


Our kurtas don’t have pockets, neither do the dresses we wear. Skirts are out of the question when it comes to pockets and even the wallets we have are crammed with things because who’s heard of compartments? It is so inconvenient to be carrying your cash, cards, phone and other essentials in a separate pouch, when men can simply fill it all in their pockets and roam handsfree. On one hand, we women have so many options but barely practical while men seem to be comfortably carrying on with tradition. The most common men’s wallet designs have barely evolved since the 1950’s, it seems.


I don’t say all brands are an issue. But most brands are!

It’s peculiar. Men’s fashion lacks creativity. Women’s lack comfort.

Graciously Yours!

Published by AditiChandak

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13 thoughts on “A rant on pockets.

  1. Women’s clothing lacks pockets because we aren’t supposed to have lumps or added volume in our silhouettes. Something perpetuated by the fashion industry’s obsession with stick-figures as being the only desirable shape. For exercise, I buy men’s sweatpants. They have pockets and elasticized ankles. Women’s…don’t. 😦

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    1. “Supposed to” is such a regressive term. Of late, I’ve started picking up men’s round neck tees for workouts, because women’s round neck tees are so deep, they show a lot of the cleavage area and make it such a conscious effort to workout around people.

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    1. Hahahahahah! I can’t carry my handbag from one meeting to another in the office, right? Or on the discotheque floor? But men in such cases keep everything stashed in pockets.


  2. This has been complained about in the West for years and, these days, you CAN buy women’s clothes with pockets. The issue I think, rather than JUST blame a sexist clothes fashion industry (though there is SOME truth there of course) is that women still don’t like bulges around their hip area (many are sensitive enough about that as it is) to the extent that thongs are really very in so that you can’t even notice the telltale line of the edge of your underwear!

    Plus, on top of that, women still tend to carry around far more than just a phone and wallet – lipsticks, make-up, tissues, eye liner – the works! Still to this day the overwhelming majority of women I know who are fully ‘liberated’ ‘feminist’ and ‘free from any sense of male dominance’ STILL prefer a handbag because you can get lots more in.

    Men, little by little, are doing the same – I’ve had a ‘man bag’ for well over ten years now…

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    1. It’s not like the clothes here don’t have pockets, but most of them don’t. So when we pick our clothes we have to be careful of pseudo pockets. And the fashion industry needs to rate comfort over style but that would be wishful thinking, I think! 😛

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