As he watched her walk away, he muttered abuses under his breath. As she walked farther, his voice became louder, hurling out the abuses loud now. It made him angry and unlike her, anger did not make him cry. Anger took him away from the pain, it made him feel in charge. He was no longer the helpless one. She may have broken up with him, but he was the one who would decide what he felt. And he chose to be angry. She looked back at him; the passersby were staring at her. She felt uncomfortable. Where there was pain in her eyes a few minutes ago, now there was shame and fear. Her confident gait was now hurried and skeptical. He broke her heart, twice now.

Graciously Yours!

Published by AditiChandak

Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

4 thoughts on “Hurt.

  1. I could connect with it, a lot. Past few months have been hard as i have gone through something unexpected. Penned down something here, just to let out a bit of the anger.

    They were engaged, for months now. Yet they were just strangers.
    He tried, she tried, yet the silence was never broken.
    She got angry, he stayed silent. He took it all in, and yet didnt know what to say.
    All this was new to them. They had their dreams set, her dreamguy, his dreamgirl.
    Both were misfit in each others dreams, both knew it but didnt dare say it out loud.
    At first it was like a papercut, they thought it will heal and just leave a tiny scar.
    But it festered, consuming them, bit by bit, until the rot set in.
    He decided it was now or never, decided to walk away. To save them both. To save himself the agony for years to come.
    His calm demeanor, was calm no more. Now he was angry, at nothing, at everything.
    It was no ones fault, and there was no one to blame. And yet he wanted to blame someone, to ease the pain.
    The anger was there, always, and couldnt be satiated. Maybe that is his story, for now.
    His penance, was to live with it, until the sands of time healed him, hopefully.

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