evszefhAs I stood by the the window of the balcony, my nose was pressed to it, my breath frosting the glass around my lips, I saw the winds outside swirling, droplets of water being bullied into submission, lights from the night lamps streaming through the air, making the paths of water borne air above the road, visible.

I yearned to step outside of my house and go play basketball in the rains, with the people below, kids I presumed. Their shrieks of delight floated uptil a dozen or so floors above. Instead I did something better.

I slid open the windows of the balcony, that kept the water borne winds out and was welcomed to winds so cold, no air conditioner could compete, the freshness of ice and spring combined! The hair at the nape of my neck stood in attention, out of excitement.

Back home, whenever it rained, torrentially as it was looking to today, my sister and I would sit at the window sill, legs hanging out into the dark, lightning flashing us time and again, shrieking in delight at every wave of wind that whipped through us.

As the water hit me, wave after wave, I shivered in excitement, and cold, but nonetheless not agreeing to go back inside! After all, the heat of so many days needed more time with the rains to sod off!

Staring up at the skies, blinking at every lightning flash, I felt the water seeping to the roots of my hair, the sides of my neck. I stood with my arms by my side, shaking but not willing to go into the house again. I looked down at my feet after a while. I was soaking wet from the top to bottom! Giggling, rubbing my arms, I slid the balcony windows shut, greeted with warmth in the hall. I’d missed the rains. I missed my sister more now.

Graciously Yours!

11 thoughts on “Nostalgia.”

  1. Such a beautiful, vivid and poetic account of a tryst with the rain! You brought back such wonderful memories of rains I have spent with my mum, both of us telling the other to come inside and get an umbrella but not budging an inch. And the pakoras, the chai, and the whoosh of the winds…

    Loved, loved this post! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your memories !! Yes, rains bring back so many memories of umbrellas and not wanting to use them but having to. I have never been much proficient in using one 😉 Aah, the pakoras!! Potatoes and onions. ❤


  2. Reminded me of a little poem i had written in Jan 2013 when sudden rains had swept through Bangalore… hope u’ll enjoy this one too.. 😉

    as the drops of rain descend down
    from heaven they come falling away
    splashes on my face gently
    makes me wanna dance n sway

    the sweet smell of petrichor rises
    with every breath enchanting me
    intoxicating, as ever it was
    its everywhere around wherever i see

    it makes music dropping here and there
    to my ears, its lyrics are bound
    as it stops, it still shimmers
    the sweet melody lingers around

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