Thought Flash #6

If marriages are indeed made in heaven, are you telling me God actually went about match making on the basis of caste? Or religion? Or even for that matter on the basis of gender?

Souls, as per last understanding, were gender-less. Caste-less. And religion-less. So how can my soulmate be from the same religion or caste as me?

Shouldn’t arranged marriages and ‘matches are made in heaven’ be mutually exclusive?


Graciously Yours!

P.S. : This post is by no means an attack on your personal beliefs. I’m rather questioning mine.

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15 thoughts on “Thought Flash #6

  1. Marriages are made by two people agreeing to the concept. What more do we need to know? That our spiritual beliefs probably include the desire for it to be spiritually sanctified. If we don’t have spiritual beliefs, then perhaps the desire to have it legalized within the law.

    I have never experienced a “marriage made in heaven” at the outset. That expression tends to be used after the marriage has survived many years, which would suggest that it not be taken in the context of the religious heaven, but more a general term expressing the quality and longevity of a particular relationship.

    Is God involved in our match-making? I would suggest no. He gave us the freedom to make our own choices… good or bad!

    As for arranged marriages? That may degenerate the relationship to a contrived business arrangement. A made in heaven arranged marriage is contrary to my understanding of heaven, and therefore a contradiction in terms.

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful insight, Colin! It’s a pleasure to see you taking out so much time and effort to put your thoughts across to me 🙂

      This really does cement my position that arranging marriages within caste and religious lines is stretching things a little too far. We should be allowed to have more than just a say about whether or not we want to marry a particular individual.

      I come from a society where parents shortlist potential suitors for you and you are expected to say an aye or nay within a couple of meetings. That is enough to ‘fix’ marriages here. While obviously shortlisting within caste and religious boundaries. And here, marriages happen not between two individuals, but two families. So stakes are even higher. And minds hotter about every decision ensuing the ‘meetings’.

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      1. It is understandable that families want to be involved, as they (hopefully) have your best interests at heart however, to expect you to choose a life partner from their shortlist is totally inconsiderate. The reality is that you are going to be living with this person… not them. You are going to learn about his imperfections… not them. You are going to find out how he handles stressful situations… not them. You are expected to stay with him regardless of circumstances… not them. And when the parents have passed on to the next life, you will still have their choice of your partner!
        If a marriage is seen as nothing more than a decision to secure personal wealth, then I would suggest that parents should have a better perspective. If however marriage is expected to include love and all that entails, then there are no two people more qualified to make that decision than the two who are considering marriage.


  2. May be the reason why it is said that marriages are pre-decided is that no matter what you do…how much you try..if you are ought to get/not get married to a person….it will happen. There is big difference between “Marriages made in Heaven” and “Heavenly marriages”. These may be or may not be mutually exclusive.


    1. Well said, Sayantan! ‘There is big difference between “Marriages made in Heaven” and “Heavenly marriages”.’ I wholeheartedly agree to this statement!

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  3. lol..u said castless , religion less and asking how many from same religion 😛 a ambiguous questions not?

    OK read my posts on soul mates..i hope u did before..and there are 37 soul mates on the earth u ll come across 😛 amzed? read my last post on this..u will know the calculation


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