It has been heard that 5 years ago, Mamata Banerjee won the West Bengal CM elections by painting the ruling Left Party and their debt ridden decisions in ‘red’, much of which was not exactly unwanted.

The Republican Convention seemed quite similar in how Trump was being backed, not because he was good, but because Hilary was (apparently) bad. If the people of USA keep getting swayed such, they might even ‘trump’ the mistakes which we Calcuttans made!

Good luck, America. You need it.
Good luck, World! We need it even more.

Graciously Yours!

P.S.: I wish I could have said I made those memes, but I did not. I am still working on my humour clogs.
[Update – P.P.S.: Hilary Rodham Clinton, you are a ray of hope in the vastness of bleak!]

3 thoughts on “THOUGHT FLASH #5”

  1. I am continually amazed at how bad things are come election time. I am also amazed at how badly the folks in charge for the last four to eight years screwed up the entire previous decade. I am also amazed that we remain convinced every election cycle that all these problems are brand new! I suppose that I am simply easily amazed. I do wonder who can mediate the complex negotiations coming as the world attempts to grow into an ever shrinking space. Peace! ; )

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    1. You’re amazed at USA’s state of affairs and I at India’s. It’s the same for every nation, I think. As the world shrinks, thoughts exchange and opinions form, people are realizing that all isn’t well or as rosy as it is made to look!
      Does anyone really want to mediate the complex negotiations? Isn’t the complex negotiation actually being engineered and fueled by the rich and powerful few?

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      1. There is good reason that political parties like to maintain leadership through terms. And it brings small relif that we all share these constant growing pains. [ After all, the human race IS still growing ] Thanks for the comment !

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