In Other News.

We’ve known for a while that journalism hasn’t really been improving it’s standards but today I will not be blaming them.

In other news, that’s what the world was up to. In other words, that’s what was trending!

Pokemon Go – Because Candy Crush outlived its fifteen seconds of fame!

Every second person I know, whether gaming freaks or not, whether or not they know that there are 151 Pokemons, whether they can say the names of even ten or not, they will be playing the latest app rage that is Pokemon Go!

USA has more Pokemon Go downloads than Tinder. Pokemon Go has more Google search than porn (which is good, actually! But, is it?) Pokemon Go walks are being organised. And memes are already in place!


Pubic Hair Dress – sometimes things get a little too hairy to be waxed.

Yes, because clothes are passe! Who wants fabric to cover their body when they can get hair? And that too pubic hair! Dream come true *sarcasm*


I wonder how the lady in the picture agreed to wear that remarkable piece of imagination.

And by the way, when I first read this piece of news I gagged on nothing but my own saliva! And eating? Eating food was a long way off while trying to recover from the shock! Just saying. You might want to give yourself time.

Oh and what’s on the top of your head? Oh, just some hair! Too soon? 😉

Ramdev Baba – India’s brand ambassdor for Yoga, NOT!

You taught us Yoga? Good. You taught us different ways to breathe? Good. You got into our homes at 5 in the morning to give life advices? Good. You entered politics? Whatever. You tried to ban Maggi? #LifeIsACircle!  You started selling hair oil to flour to noodles? Don’t give a dime of thought to you. But then you went ahead and did this :


Need I even say any thing?

Huma Mobin – the lady who rocked her ‘honeymoon’. Alone!

Meet Huma, a lady who had to go on a vacation without her husband and she came back with pictures that broke the internet! She brought Pakistan into the news and for once the world was smiling! Thank you, Ma’am! 🙂

Also, she went to Greece. Thank you for helping Greek tourism. They can do with whatever they get.

Signing off,

Graciously Yours!

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9 thoughts on “In Other News.

  1. Oh yes.. The Pokemon search teams are a rage .. young kids are missing school to get hold of those..

    And the dress.. I am more amazed at the second lady who is holding her hand.. she is confident.. I would have run miles hats off to the other lady..😀😀

    Thank you for all the news.. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And yesterday a kid got shot for trespassing while looking for those darn things!

      Hats off to the people who actually sent out their pubic hair in the mail! 😛

      You’re welcome 🙂


  2. hahaha hilarious! but unfortunately true. The good part is I spend lesser time with the paper these days & use the extra time in other productive things. (like reading blogs about bad news articles :p )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahhaha! Thanks, Isra! 😉

      I have stopped reading papers and watching news channels! I stick to online sources now but they’re churning out such gems. Wonder where I’ll go next. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Think positive, you get about an hour extra per day & a lot of peace of mind not knowing what a rotten place this world is turning out to be! The important news reaches you anyway 🙂


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