18 thoughts on “THOUGHT FLASH #3”

  1. It probably could have quite easily, but those who were making the decisions had (for whatever reason) no interest in challenging those beliefs. Where money/profit are driving the business, there is no place for a social conscience, or thoughts around equality, or compassion towards those less fortunate. Hollywood has the same problem!

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    1. Those who do have the intent of challenging the beliefs fall into the critics choice awards and don’t really work that well commercially!
      It is almost like we need to be shown the mirror but don’t want to see it. Isn’t it?


      1. You are probably correct. It is so much easier to sit back and “go with the flow” rather than voice an objection out loud. It takes a very special person to challenge society’s standards. It also takes a very special business to let morals, honest and integrity influence their business model. Such is our world.

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      2. Hopefully change will come sooner then we expect and easier than we fear. Hopefully!
        After all, like John Green says, “The world may be broken but hope is not crazy”.


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