Why? Oh why?


Often, things don’t make sense. Why does the Sun rise every day to set? Why do the flowers bloom only to be plucked by mischievous little bratty hands or to be offered at the feet of stone idols of the same Gods who created them in the very first place? Why are examinations more valued than the lives of those hundreds of young who succumb under their pressure? Why is a job position much greater than a friendship you’ve nurtured for years? Why is the money more important than the ailing parents you’ve left behind? Why is it selfish to love oneself and idiotic to love others (either ways, I’m slandered)? Why do we run after fame when oblivion is all that destiny can give us? Why is immortality a boon when you know all others around you will die? Oh and why we do we bake those immaculately beautiful and fabulous personalized cakes only to dismantle and eat them within a day or two?

I’ve diverted enough from what I really want to say out loud (or in this case, write).

Why do I hate loving you?

Often, things don’t make sense. And this is just the beginning of it.

Graciously Yours!

Image by 4freephotos.com

17 thoughts on “Why? Oh why?”

  1. Yes.. True that Aditi.. Nice post.. Hope these why’s find their answers so that we can know the reason. The world is becoming materialistic and money-minded which is the prime reason of people diverting from the path of happiness.. 😦

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  2. Makes sense 😉 But whats the fun..if we get answers to all our why’s. Mystery should be kept alive. Btw you can send your stuff for our upcoming edition of our magazine.
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  3. The main thing you wanted to talk about i.e., love (revealed at the end) was the only point that hit hard in the multitude of thought provoking questions : Why is it selfish to love oneself and idiotic to love others (either ways, I’m slandered)?
    Thumbs up!

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