The illusion of reality.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” ~ Albert Einstein.
Are you literate? Well, if you’re reading this, of course you are. But are you educated? That’s a different ball game altogether now.

Are you a thinker? Or do you hoard information from all possible sources but don’t form an opinion from scratch?

Do you believe everything you come across on the internet? Or do you try to verify the sources before you share anything with others?

So, a friend does not scroll through Facebook each day. But when she does, she comes across something like this.


Probably that is why she doesn’t scroll through Facebook every day.

Now you may just read this, make a joke or two, and toss it out of the window. And that is where the fault lies. Where we don’t really pay attention to the negativity that is seeping into us each moment, each hour, each day through posts like these. Each day, you might not have changed but at the end of a lot of days, well, you’ve changed enough to not be able to turn back!

India and Pakistan have been at war for more than six decades now. A cold, silent, unrelenting war which has affected us all so badly that it is unimaginable how we ever lived together peacefully. And, for however far my sight stretches, I don’t see this getting resolved soon – for reasons as apolitical as political. But this? It doesn’t even make sense.

Yes, Pakistan is known to be involved with terrorism. And the country’s government has made a fair amount of hullabaloo trying to deny things so plain and simple that the whole world can see through their lies now. But why on Earth would you define all Pakistanis as terrorists? And all Indians as hardworking, entrepreneurial, and diligent people? I know we have a fair share of Indians, who if born in the Middle Ages were worthy of being guillotined. (And before you start hating me, that’s the case with every nation!) Democracy saved such Indians.

Ignorant people who think defining Lashkar, Taliban, ISIS simply by calling them products of Pakistan (and surprisingly, corporate products of Pakistan) are not helping other ignorant people in understanding the real depths of the matter. Did you ever think why Lashkar or ISIS came up in the first place? Did you ever think how so many people are being brainwashed into joining ISIS or worse still, who’s funding them? Why aren’t all the ‘powerful, developed nations’ of the world coming together to bring development to the under-developed, terror struck, ravaged and assaulted countries? You think they don’t have the resources to do it? Or is it the drive? Did you ever think about the lives of all those Pakistanis who are in abject poverty and are abused not only by people of their own country but also the entire world? Did you ever think about all those Muslims, who by choice or birth, follow Islam but have never even hit their siblings? Have you ever thought of that man who grows a beard because he likes it but is stared down upon at security checks? All of this requires thinking. Where’s the fun in that, right?

Graciously Yours!

*If you think, this post is meant to incite hatred against any country, religion, community or even person, well the whole point of the post is lost on you. I’d probably call you literate then. Just sayin’!

**I have no problem with people using social media. And neither with people bashing terrorists for the wrong they’re doing. What I have a problem is with sharing posts without complete understanding of the situation and spreading hatred without even being aware of it. Every action we take has a consequence, however small your reach may be or however inconsequential the result may be. But somewhere, if not in someone else, in you something changes. Would you rather want that change to be positive or negative?

Edit : In other news from around the net, ISIS got trolled by Muslims around the world when it threatened USA and asked all fellow Muslims to show the world that they support ISIS’s cause. Check it out here! Thumbs up to those who showed ISIS their true place.

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19 thoughts on “The illusion of reality.

  1. ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts! Social media should be a place where we build bridges and share love & peace, not hate or mindless stereotyping! You and others like you are bright beacons of hope in this crazy internet world. Keep up the awesome work! ❤

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    1. That’s exactly what I believe! I am trying to do my bit to make the internet a better place. And wishing it’ll bring smiles to at least some faces if not a lot. I hope you will keep your support alive in the future too!

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  2. Sadly there will always be ignorance, just as there will always be envy. Clearly there are no magic answers but I would suggest a few areas that could help:
    It is my understanding that all major religions support the concept of compassion, understanding and the “love thy neighbor” philosophy. Perhaps they could be more public with their teachings?
    We live in a commercialized/profit driven world which merely widens the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Perhaps if the “haves” would be prepared to lower their standard of living a little, and the difference be applied to the “have nots”, then we would have made a little progress towards equality?
    Canada has opened its doors to immigrants for many years, and more recently to Syrian refugees. Perhaps other countries could show a similar compassion and make a statement to the world that yes…we also care. Of course it is going to be a strain on the country’s resources, but to do nothing to help people in a “refugee” state is unforgivable.
    Whatever happened to “Treat people the way you would like to be treated.”
    Just some thoughts.

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    1. Those are some very beautiful thoughts you have and I am sure there are people out there who are working on such thoughts already. We just don’t know about them yet. Again, because those aren’t the people who make it to the news. They haven’t done shocking things, you know. They’ve done things which are proof of humanity – not really newsworthy these days. But I hope I come across such people so that I can do my bit for the world too.

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    1. Very well said, my friend! Their stupidity makes me wish I could be ignorant! Ignorant is, after all, bliss. But then how would I rant on my blog and come across people who have thoughts to add to mine? So I stop the wishing.

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  3. It breaks my heart when people make massive generalizations about every fish in the pond based on some bad fishes. On a human level, how can one not see that the other harmless fishes go through so much trouble for no fault of theirs?
    Thanks for this well-written post, friend. 🙂

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    1. I know. We are always so eager to put all people we meet in different boxes like it’s a job that needs to be completed at the earliest. Individuality seems to be no longer a celebration.
      I am happy you believed I could pull this post off! 🙂


  4. First of all…this is the growth and honesty every sincere reader and friend would like to see in their favorite writer !! So, kudos girl for this courage and clarity.

    There is no perfect world. There has never been. There never will be.

    We are built up of flaws. No society, race, civilisation or nation has ever been more known for their perfect-ism than the reason they perished. We are born impatient. Violent (in thoughts, actions or both). Always demanding the best suited or looking for substitutes.

    Its difficult to justify people dying. They shouldn’t be for reasons beyond comprehension. But haven’t we always been ruled by handful of people with neatly catalogued, selfish (good n bad sense both) and monitored ideas?

    Religion is to be blamed? Of course not. All religions define a way of living not arguing. They mean independence not radicalization. They are scientific not hysterical. The problem is that we started corporatisation of them to suit the needs of the handful !! And the balance were too afraid or taught/tamed not to question.

    We must and people will keep trying for the goods. But, there will be no perfect world in the near future ‘cas we are too deep entrenched in a life of not so positives, tolerance, perceived judgements and self centered visions.


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    1. First of all… Thank you so much for having been there to encourage me as a blogger when I was just in my nascent stages! And for always bring so supportive and kind! 🙂

      Along with all other things you’ve written about with such clarity, I also agree with what you have to say about religion. Religion is undeniably a very intricate part of our lives and that is also the part which is being exploited deeply for creating factions among us. Till we do not understand, how our self creations of the Almighty are actually dividing us, the future looks quite bleak.

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  5. The fact is no country wants terrorists – not Pakistan, India or anywhere else. No one wants them – which is why they stamp their feet and make a big “look at me” fuss. It is a shame that some see where they are geographically located and tar the ordinary normal people of that country with the same brush. For as long as we see things as “them” and “us” we will always know this to be happening. One day, I hope we all just see “us” – what a difference that will make!

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    1. Exactly! I think at the very core of the matter, the usage of us and them must have played a vital role. After all desires and anger is what most often leads to revenge and vengeance.


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