Project For Awesome 2015.


Have you heard of the Project for Awesome? If you haven’t, it’s time to brace yourself for a dash of awesome!

Project for Awesome (P4A) is a community-driven charitable movement organised, since 2007, by some of the world’s online content creators (the ones running those fancy YouTube channels which educate you, make you think and are proof that empathy isn’t dead) to raise donations for various charities, including UNHCR and Save The Children. They encourage people to upload videos supporting the charity they believe in and the ones voted for as best are added on to the list of charities which will benefit from P4A.

One of the fun things they’re doing is running a 48 hour live stream, where they’re constantly encouraging people to donate, announcing random on-the-spot perks for donors and discussions ranging from the refugee crisis to live football commentary and dubious college advice! It may involve a lot of peanut butter, sharpies and whipped cream too. You have to see it to believe it! 😉

The 48 hour live stream has people like John Green – author of Looking for Alaska, The Fault in our Stars, Paper Towns, et al., vlogger, host of Mental Floss and Crash Course, Hank Green – it’s difficult to explain what he actually does, because he is an entrepreneur, musician, and vlogger, creator of VidCon, and hosts Crash Course, SciShow, SciShow Space, hankschannel and much more, Katherine Green, Michael Aranda and a lot of others whom I don’t recognize but I am sure are all awesome people.

This isn’t a sponsored post but rather a shout out for the brilliant (voluntary) work they are all doing. Even the packaging and shipping of perks to the donors is being done by volunteers.

To donate or not is your choice but I can ensure you it’ll be a lot of fun to go on to the livestream and simply check out the wonderful work they are doing, which is better explained here.

And as they say in John’s home town, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome (DFTBA)!

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : At the time of this post going online, Project For Awesome 2015 has raised $562,891 which when matched by donations from Google and the Green Brothers, amount to a whopping $1,346,611!

Green brothers and team, you’ve shown me the power of individuals and social media! Thank you.

Hurry over! Only 9 hours, some minutes left before the project ends.

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10 thoughts on “Project For Awesome 2015.

      1. I am not speaking in the context of the post, I am inserting a rather bad joke into a legitimate post. I apologize for commonalizing your serious and well intentioned post. This was bad judgement on my part ! I do apologize !

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      2. Oh please don’t take offence! I didn’t take any. I just thought maybe I’m missing out on something you might have meant regarding the post.
        You don’t have to apologise. 🙂

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  1. Hey Adi
    A grown up lady with the self-graced love for words and highly contagious sense of belongingness to her thoughts !!! INDEED !!!

    I hope…rather I know you’d been moving forward with life with the choicest of best moments. I wish for the bestest of the bestest from God’s pockets in future too !!

    I am so so sorry for not being able to reply back earlier…inspite of Suhani giving your msgs !! I don’t know why but watching my two daughters grow in front of me gave me that sense of content I used to look in blogging !! So priorities set and LIFE HAPPENED !!

    I’ll try to be in touch. With your permission I’ll drop my Whatsapp No … only if the lady agrees !!

    Good to have known you !!

    Happy Blogging !

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    1. Hi!

      You absolutely made my day! The minute I saw your comment waiting approval, I dropped whatever (writing a very painful part of my draft manuscript) I was doing and rushed to read your comment!

      You always have such good things to say about me and I will forever be grateful to you for having encouraged me to write no matter whether appreciation comes in from the readers or not.

      I am in touch with Suhani occasionally, and seeing the beautiful family that you have, I can understand why even taking your eyes off of them is a task in itself. You don’t have to apologise at all. The very fact that you dropped by today is enough for me. 🙂

      It’s your very first visit to my new (now more than a year old) blog and I hope whenever possible, you will grace it with your presence.

      And I have your number saved now! Will ping you with mine. 🙂


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