Of angels and demons.

Jacob walked away one fine sunny morning. No explanations, no answers, no smile and no acknowledgment of her existence in his life! Sarah was left baffled and groping at the blank expanse her life had become without him. But in that tough lesson which life gave to her to learn, she exceeded expectations. She became excited about learning – learning about herself, learning about finding solace alone and most importantly, loving herself before any one else. Because until you don’t know how to love yourself, your lover will be as lost and confused as a chicken in a bull fight.

Today, basking in the glory of the sun and her beloved’s gaze, Sarah wondered how different her life would have been if Jacob hadn’t walked out that day. She silently thanked him for being a jerk. Because of him, she stopped looking for angels to come and fight her demons.

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Izza, this is inspired by your #SeptemberPosts! She’s been writing abstracts so beautifully that I couldn’t help not writing like that. I give in. I hope you like this.

38 thoughts on “Of angels and demons.”

      1. You need to check out Vlogbrothers/SciShow/Crash Course/Mental Floss on YouTube! Anything with John and Hank Green in it. They have a community called nerdfighteria. Nerds love it. Or so I’ve heard.
        DFTBA! (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!) ❤

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      2. I think they call them anime lovers and video game fans! 😉

        According to urban dictionary, hogger is now associated with the words plump and sex. Gone are the days when people were food hoggers. :/

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      1. Adi How dare you give him the asterisk? No fair, I thought you were on my side. He doesn’t need a pacifier 😛 Haha but yeah.Ershad is a nice guy until…my 6 word challenge prompt thingy for you lol.

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      2. Haha! I am by your side only, don’t worry! 😉

        Until… “He starts talking shit about shit!”

        Ershad, please don’t hate me but this is the first thing which came to my mind when I read Aaliyah’s sentence! I swear. I couldn’t help not writing it! (Double negatives are so cool!)

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  1. This was nice write up 🙂 And I loved the line … Because until you don’t know how to love yourself, your lover will be as lost and confused as a chicken in a bull fight.

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