My crazy is still sane.

Yesterday, the papers carried this shocker :


On days like these, I realize my crazy is still sane.

And then I recalled there are more of such shockers on the internet. These are some of my favourite ones.

Next time you go for a paint ball session, wear this. You can carry all your artillery in there! And everyone’s going to be so astonished that in all likelihood they’ll forget to attack you.

Warning : You may get your fifteen seconds of fame on the internet, in a not good way.

I hate my legs. They’re too thin. Or too fat. Or too straight. Or too crooked. I’ll let the entire world know how much I hate my legs. Whoever could have come up with these?

I admired her character in Las Vegas. Remember Sam and her sharks? I wonder if she had two stylists. One must have insisted on a gown, the other on pants. And another must have combined both options. Oh that makes it three stylists! Damn you, maths!

Most girls seem to have stuff spilling out of their bags. Not every girl has Hermione’s luck (Click here for reference). Chanel (I did not look up the brand logo on Google. Or may be I did. Shh!) here tried to do some magic! Voila. That’s your drunk godmother’s work, Cinderella.

Christmas Trees in orange. For wear. Free. (Because no one else must have bought it.)

The fashion designer hates this model! Karma will get back at you some day, designer!

Disclaimer : None of these brilliant ideas are mine. Note the sarcasm.

Graciously Yours!

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest.

P.S. : Which fashion trend do you find most blah?

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40 thoughts on “My crazy is still sane.

  1. I too read about that mismatched earring one :p and sometimes I don’t understand whether they are fashion statements or fashion faux :p …I didn’t liked the one with mismatched footwear :p

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  2. None of them are “blah,” that’s for sure! LMAO Stunning. Ridiculous, Hilarious. I could think that, given the right time and place and situation, a couple of them could be fun! Ha, ha! 😀 Like the black “paint ball” outfit, the “Christmas tree in Orange,” and the last one (what would you call it???) Fun blog! Thank you! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t want to be in situations where these dresses would make sense on me! *embarrassing*

      I think we could call the last one “The Yeti” or “Wild Snow White”! What would you name it?

      I am glad you enjoyed the post 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Let me tell you a little secret. Most people manufacturing bags don’t understand those bags! Hence, we have to buy more and complain about them and then buy more! See, ignorance leading to marketing tactics?

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  3. Glad to come across your blog. This post was funny azz. Who the heck gave the thumbs up for the designs especially the backward heels one? And your hilarious captions made it for a wonderful read.


    1. Hey Aaliyah! (I love your name.)

      Thanks for enjoying the hilarity 😉

      Can you imagine what the model must have gone through while wearing those killer heels? And I wonder if it’s even been bought ever. And if yes, I pity those legs.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s better that we love our feet the way they are rather than give them for those killers 😉
      If women keep buying those shoes, it’s no wonder men can’t understand us.

      Liked by 1 person

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