How do I convince Mother that my 23 year old self can have usable shelf decor ideas?

Urgent help needed! Mothers preferred.

So I began putting my shelf decor ideas to Mother the way I actually pitch my ideas to my boss. Small talk first and then when I have judged his mood and inclination to discuss ideas, I slowly, very slowly, push the idea towards him. Obviously, I chip in the ideas like they were always his and that time had been a constraint for him to implement the ideas. And that he was the one who’d inspired me to actually come up with them. It works out fine for me mostly. I tried the same with Mother. It turns out that the small talk I do is extremely boring. She shooed me away. I never reached the second stage.

After a while I decided to be direct and straightforward so I went up to her and said, “It’s my room. It’s my shelf. I want it my way.” The look she gave me was enough to shut me up. I slinked away.

As I write this, I have decided to present my decor ideas to her without throwing my weight around. As if that really mattered much. But what should I say to her? How do I get her to look at my shelf decor ideas without her rejecting them out rightly? How do I convince my Mother that her daughter who otherwise flops around the house, cracks the weirdest of jokes at inopportune moments, cares about her blog like it’s her baby, finds comedy shows boring and suspense thrillers funny has usable decor ideas! Even if they’re as random as this :

ideas-for-bookselves magnetika-soggiorno Interesting-Shelf-Design-in-Random-like-Cells-Position

Which they are not. Absolutely not this random. Psst. Aren’t they good though?

Let’s not divert!

Help please. While I go to put on the protective gear, please get your ammunition ready! We need to fire them fast. Or are we going for a truce?

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Mother, if you are reading this, you’ve obviously read whatever I wrote above. Before you come looking for me, I only want to say :

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Same goes for you, boss!

Pictures Courtesy : Pinterest.

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36 thoughts on “How do I convince Mother that my 23 year old self can have usable shelf decor ideas?

  1. Try something you have never tried before in the past 23 years… Something that would be completely new to your mom… Am sure she will like it and would understand that you are no longer a kid….

    Though I guess you always be… So I guess until you have your own place… Try to mingle your ideas with the wishes of your mom.. D D D;;

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  2. Room decor? Seriously? The last time I decorated my room was in a dream and it didn’t end well. I fell in a tub of honey which turned out to be a sea monster’s posterior aperture. And I won’t even mention what happened afterwards. Why am I talking about this stuff?
    Seriously though, the second one is pretty awesome. Your post is funny as hell too. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, seriously room decor. Once a decade, at least, it needs to be done 😉
    You dream about decorating rooms with honey and sea monster’s posteriors?! You need a life for your dreams, specifically!

    Thank you so much. The final shelf in my room is nothing of this sort. It’s just plain old boring stuff (read : normal) :p

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