Six Word Story – Hemingway Challenge.

The Hemingway Challenge, named after the poet Ernest Hemingway, is a celebration of his genius when it came to words. It asks for the writer to convey a story in six words and not more, not less.

The best six word story, I have come across till date, courtesy him, is “For sale : baby shoes, never worn”.

Here’s my first, and hopefully not last, shot at the challenge :

World’s moonlit night,Β moonless to him.

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Julia from ‘Life Matters’ is also doing the #sixwordstory challenge. Here’s my favourite from her collection.

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest.

31 thoughts on “Six Word Story – Hemingway Challenge.”

    1. The night talked to you for the first time? Impossible πŸ˜‰ When a thinker like you says that, I don’t quite believe it!
      The Monday you were talking about was probably a couple of weeks ago :p I should get you to write dates from next time!


      1. The 6 letters tell a long story .. moonless for him.. I think his luck. on such a beautiful evening one surly needs to be with someone they love.

        Even the first 6 letter on baby shoes they tell a long story tooo.. depending on what your mood is..


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