Quote Challenge – Day 1.

This is the second quote challenge I have been nominated for. Thank you Savio for this opportunity! You save me the burden of having to think of new post topics in this busy month!

To have one’s heart broken may seem like the worst thing that could have happened. But you know what? It happens to everyone. And most of us get out of it. We let go. We learn to love ourselves.
I’ll focus this challenge on quotes which will make you embrace yourself again (hearts broken or not)!

QC1Image Source : Pinterest.

Graciously Yours!

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17 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – Day 1.

  1. too pragmatic or putting something in veil….i wish i could have followed it..
    atually in a battle between heart and mind .. i lost either way round.
    liked it.!


  2. can you tell how we can stand up again afresh with all the memories…even if i like the indiffrerene of someone…I can only make sure that i will not stop someone to move ahead but I would not be perhaps able to move ahead…yes life will move on…everything will go on..including the pain….


    1. If you like the indifference of someone, matter ends there.
      If the indifference bothers you, try and ask for the reason.
      “Pain demands to be felt” and then slowly fades away.
      If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either ways, you’re correct.

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      1. Oh we all have our quirks! The strays, the bad ones, the unruly ones, the rule breakers. They have the allure, not the stability. We want the allure and the stability. Or something like that. Probably!

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