Quote Challenge – Day 3.

Next time, Mommy dear tells you to get up by 7, tell her ‘time is a concept humans created’!

Next time your friend calls you an insomniac for being up at 3 am, let him know ‘time is a concept humans created’!

Next time, that relative asks you when you’ll get married, tell them ‘time is a concept humans created’!

Next time you think you’re too young to hit the road in your running shoes, tell yourself ‘time is a concept humans created’!

Next time, you want to play with that kid’s toy, tell the kid ‘time is a concept humans created’!

Enjoy what you get of time! Because though we created it, we don’t control it!

Thank you, Akiraa, for nominating me for the 3 day Quote challenge.

Graciously Yours!

Published by AditiChandak

Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

41 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – Day 3.

    1. Well, I thought moral science classes would not work as well as humor would 😉 Hence, the excuses!
      But I hope you didn’t lose out on the essence of the post hidden in the humor.

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      1. Yeah well I got you though I think there should have been more content to support the cause but still it’s lesson is important

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      2. Yeah I haven’t really done any hard work on my blog tbh :p and there are about 7-8 urdu posts as compared to about 30 posts in english 🙂 and why cant u read urdu btw?


  1. Yes. True. Inspiring. Time is just a concept humans created. The period you take to complete your imagination into reality, is called your time. And everyone has their own time and own imagination. 🙂

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