Life Notes #9.


Warning : Rambling ahead.

I am sitting somewhere (bored to the hilt!) and writing this post where I shouldn’t be writing it from, which I am obviously not going to divulge here!

The past few days a lot of stuff has been swirling around in this crammed head of mine and it’s time to check with you awesome people whether my mind is still okay or is it time for therapy?

Here goes.

Never focus on only one person in your life. Be it friends or family (which rarely happens these days, honestly!) or even your love. And even your love.

Of course he/she maybe the love of your life and your soul mate and your Knight in Shining Armour/Damsel in distress waiting to be rescued and you would vehemently disagree with me, but hear me out!

Sure that person is the one you want to spend your whole life with but do not focus on only that person. Remember before your love came along you had others in your life who loved you, cared for you, cried tears of joys in your wins and held your hand to get you through those tough times? Those people also matter. Yes, they still matter. And you have to let them know that they matter. By actions as much as words. It may be just one person or two or several but let them know and be there for them.

You don’t want to be so content in one single relationship that you don’t even realize when the others left you behind and all you were left were with memories and ‘what ifs’ and ‘had I’s’.

It is good to have someone to go to in case you need to let out steam or you know just want a change of scene!

And frankly being tied to the hip is somewhat uncomfortable to those around you, irrespective of how many compliments about ‘cute’, ‘romantic’ and ‘perfect’ you get!

Note to self: Keep the ones who want to make you smile dear. There’s more than one person of that kind.

But, hey! That’s just what I think! What do you think? Am I going bonkers or do you finally see sense on this blog after long? [Hint: Just leave lots of love and affection in the comments! And side by me. Shhh!]

Graciously Yours!

P.S. :Thank you Regular Indian Girl for the book series. That may have influenced the post a little! Just a wee bit.

12 thoughts on “Life Notes #9.”

  1. Haha.. You’re welcome!! And this post is perfect! Sending across lots of love and affection as hinted 😉

    I agree. Partner is important, may be most important, but there are others who cared for you till today. They need to be told they are important. Parents, siblings, extended family and friends. 🙂 Nice post! ❤

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  2. No, not time for therapy! You’re absolutely right. Love yourself first – then share that love with others…. too many look for that special someone – thinking he or she is going to bring love into their lives. It doesn’t work that way at all. Love isn’t something we get, it’s something we give…… great thinking


    1. Thank you, John! I completely agree with you! No one else is going to come and complete us. We’re complete in ourselves.
      Thank you for dropping by!


      1. You are welcome and it always bears repeating, because as you know it is all too common that we sometimes get caught up in false notions about what love is or what a relationship is. I think that’s why you wrote this. Getting into a relationship is like getting a puppy. It doesn’t matter how much admiration you have for the puppy – “Awwww he’s so cute…” – his entire existence depends on you. If you don’t feed him he will die. You have to bathe him or he will get sick. Sometimes you have to wipe his bottom because he will scoot it across the carpet if you don’t…. The Prince and Cinderella are not always the beautiful people you see at the ball… They’re human, with real issues that need to be dealt with. If we don’t love ourselves first then we will never be able to love someone else. Or a puppy. Just being cute or sexy isn’t enough, that’s just mother nature’s trot as I put in a song I’m working on right now… God put a need for us to love and be loved in the heart…. And it only works well in that order… 🙂


      2. Yes, I wrote it because I lately realized how difficult it is to bear the brunt of a slighted heart alone. Thank Heavens for the people I have around me.
        Every relationship needs work. No relationship is perfect. It has to be nurtured and the love kept alive to keep it going.
        I am glad I came by your blog, because I now have someone who not only thinks alongside me but even better! 🙂


  3. You wrote these powerful words of wisdom with such simplicity and care. Totally agree with you! Left me thinking for a few moments about how ignorant we sometimes become of those who love us. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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