Accept India’s Daughter.

On 16 December, 2012, the Nirbhaya rape case rocked the whole of India. For a long time, we protested, came out on the streets, demanded change in laws, wanted the rapists hanged, shouted slogans of women’s empowerment, wanted safety for women. The fire is still seen, the flames are still being fanned, the coals are still red and we’re still waiting…




BBC released a documentary on all of this titled “India’s Daughter”. And they’re being taken to task now.


Times Now, a prime time English News Channel, of the Times group flashes :


“Is it ethical to reveal the identity of Nirbhaya?” 


“Is BBC being sensitive by showing the pictures of the victim?”


“Should a rapist be given a platform?”


“Voyeurism or journalism?”


Times of India, a leading English daily in India, from the same Times group, reports with full sensationalism :


“Nirbhaya gang rape convict blames victim for full assault.”


They went on to report that the rapist says if the Government changes the punishment under the law to death row, the rapists will not make an attempt to leave the raped girl alive. These are words spoken by one of the rapists who even after two and a half years of jail, has the audacity to say it all. From inside the jail when on death row.


Most of our media is happily making the BBC journo a scapegoat. The video has been banned. They found someone to blame. They found a new story to sell. They raised burning questions and shouted their lungs out, all in the wrong direction! I am sorry but that is how I feel about things! Wait. I am not even sorry. Thanks to my irritation at the media, I chose to watch the documentary myself to judge!


India’s Daughter.


Yes, it reveals the identity of the victim. She has a name. And it isn’t Nirbhaya. It’s Jyoti Singh. Her name means “light”.


Yes, it shows pictures of the victim. And her parents chose to do that by free will. Who are we to question it?


Yes, it recounts the whole horror of what she had to go through. Of what all us women had to go through when we read those gruesome accounts of the rape that went viral all across the internet within days of December 16, 2012. I still feel nauseated when I think about the pain the lady must have lived through.


So what? Is that what we should really be worried about? What ethics and victim privacy are we talking about? The lady is no more. All her parents have are her memories. The least we could do is honour those. And let her parents get a platform to speak.


I have questions of my own to ask.


  • Why are the rapists still alive?
  • Why even after two and a half years in jail, the rapists seem to not have even a drop of remorse in their blood?
  • Why are we not afraid of the law and instead believ it is our birthright to circumvent the law?
  • What has been done to ensure that the juvenile rapist who will be released in December, 2015, has indeed been reformed or not?
  • Why do those rapists and many others like them believe that it is their right to tell off girls to where they apparently belong – the household, by raping them and shaming them?
  • Why does that rapist say that the girl should have endured it all and not fought back?
  • If on death row he can still say that, what would be the extent of vileness in his thoughts if he was out on the roads?
  • Why are we worrying more about giving these rapists a platform and less about all those endless rape victims who aren’t being given justice yet?
  • Will shoving the video out of sight help to shove the grim mindset aside too?
  • Will educated men still believe that women are to be inside the house to be safe, irrespective of our domestic violence data?
  • How long before we come out of denial and accept that our society needs to start treating women as fellow human beings?


Each person in India has a right to be defended in the court of law. I’m happy that we’re democratic enough to be giving a chance to these rapists as well. But trust me on this, that when you read what the defending lawyers had to say, your soul will shudder!

“The moment she came out from her house with a boy who was neither her husband nor her brother, she left her morality and reputation as a doctor as well as girl’s morality in the house and she came out just like a woman. A female is just like a flower, it gives a good looking, very softness, performance, pleasant. But on the other hand a man is just like a thorn, strong, tough enough. A flower always needs protection. If that flower is in a gutter, it is spoilt. If you put that flower in a temple it will be worshipped.”


Such crude and filthy thoughts from educated men with professional degrees makes me cringe in horror at how bloody patriarchal and backward the Indian society still is. I feel sorry for the women who live with them and bear with them.


She was a 23 year old bright medical student on her way to fulfil the dreams of her parents and get them out of poverty. What was her fault exactly? That she was a girl? That she tried to build a life for herself? That she had parents who trusted her? That she was independent and fierce? That she was confident? That she fought back?


Jyoti Singh (1989-2012).


Open your eyes, India. You’re half awake. Get out of bed. Whip those sheets off. Open the curtains. The light is out there. See it, embrace it and honour it.


Graciously Yours!

23 thoughts on “Accept India’s Daughter.”

  1. I cannot believe I’m reading this in the year 2015. It sounds like something from medieval times. The rapists and their defenders’ attitudes are ingrained from being raised to believe in sexism that is so benighted, it’s shameful. That’s where the true horror is. Kill the rapists and rapists will respond by killing their victims? That makes me believe that India’s law enforcement doesn’t make diligent use of DNA, nor does it hunt down perpetrators unless there’s a living victim willing to come forward? I love so much about your country.

    But this I hate.

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  2. Truer words have never been spoken. The lawyers are a prime example of how we as Indians are undeveloped uncivilized barbarians who despite have a degree in on of the most reputed occupations cant respect another human for being just that and instead choose to demean, embarrass, threaten, and violate. Such violation is NOT what was taught to us by our parents, our priests, our holy books nor is any way condone-able. The only thing rape, rapists and its purveyor deserves is a vile gruesome and prolonged pain filled death. The lawyer has forgotten that a flower is picked by a person. And it is the person who either throws it in the gutter or places it in a temple. What they do with that flower defines them and not the flower. Where we talk about woman empowerment, if we fail to realise that we are creating monsters like this due to our leniency, supposed-compassion and “liberalism” then we will be the ones responsible when such a thing happens to someone close to us. If we as Democrats, Liberalists and a Free Nation fail to give the women their rights, then we do not deserve the freedom nor the independence and the only ones who are to blame are us: Indians. If there is one thing that I could curse them with it would be that may they never find solace, not even in death.

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    1. That’s a very strong and solid stand taken for us women! I know for a fact that many men I know would agree with you. I hope that our generation is able to bring about a change to India and our Indian-ness (read : sexist attitude!).

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      1. So do I. If we want to achieve our full potential not just as Indians but as Humans we need to recognize women for what they are. Humans. Not submissive slaves bred for our amusement and satiating our primal desires. They have an equal right in everything and are entitled to do what they wish rather than simple being treated as a use and throw pen.

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  3. Hell of a frightening situation, isn’t it. Such a knee-jerk and misogynistic response by our government to a documentary that a westerner had to make because apparently our filmmakers are too busy trying to milk the issue for moolah and publicity. Pardon the language, but screw our species!


    1. Screw the language! On this topic, I just don’t care what sort of language we use to put across our point! You have a point. Our filmmakers just want to rake in the moolah.

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  4. Beautifully written..!!!
    I had marked the video to be watched later on as I was in office, but by the time I reached home, it was taken down.
    I really cant understand the notion behind banning the movie..
    By doing so, they have created the “Streisand effect”..
    On a more broader perspective, I think it should be watched by everyone to get an insight into the working minds of a psychopath..or maybe a “certain class of the society” ..!!
    This should be used a mirror to contemplate the filth in our society..
    This is an interesting read..


    1. I agree! The link is refreshing to read! It contemplates a lot of other perspectives. It’s been rightly said that we don’t need to know more about their mindset, but do something about it!

      Banning doesn’t seem to be the solution to things. But our political bandwagon thinks shoving things under the mat is the way out!! They need to change too!

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  5. Yes, he link brings a lot many perspectives of the issue..
    But I am still against banning..
    and now the irony is that the video is available only in UK and no other land on earth ..!!
    There is a tiny eenie little point, when you say that it has commercial value; and that it maybe is a “product of colonial attitude and funded by the British taxpayer. It loyalties will be to its audience, not India’s interests. ” .. I cant debate that..
    But people must see this on a broader perspective ; and then decide – if there is not an element of truth in the documentary; isn’t it showing the depth of patriarchal attitude in the Indian soils; and that even the most educated & highly qualified people, speak so sick about our culture..


    1. I don’t care if the documentary has commercial purposes. BBC is not a non profit organization. Neither did they make the video as an obligation to us. But in a way they have helped us out! They’ve shown us the mirror. And we’re choosing to throw it back at them!! As usual we’re in denial.

      We don’t feel safe on the roads. We don’t wish to travel alone at night. We think several times before taking a road trip and ultimately cancel it! We call up our guy friends to chaperone us for parties! We don’t wish to be a burden. But we have to. Because we know we will have to pay a price to be independent, to live a life. And we don’t want to do that!

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      1. Right said..!!!
        And I can feel your emotion !!
        And the governance and the system is too lame !! Cant find one logical reason as to why the video was banned..!!

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  6. Fear of something (law) wont be enough to change something so deep rooted in the society. We need to change the mindset not just our and our parents but also of the future generation. Change begins from home. We are ready to come on streets when something like this has already happened feeling sorry for the victim for sometime but soon we move on with our lives. Those are also among us who turn a blind eye when we actually come across something like this. Not just the government but we as humans also need to reflect on this. Well written! 🙂

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  7. All the questions you asked and points you raised are something we all have thought atleast once since that gruesome incident. But the glitches in our laws are much less than those in our minds.
    Banning the documentary was a cowardly action taken by the government. So called cultured people should know that their thinking is colinear to that of a person who is a shame on humanity.
    I hope we see a positive change in this mindset soon.

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    1. I wonder how I missed out on replying to this comment!

      Coming to what you’ve written, there’s an update now. The Supreme Court has recently declared that no rape complaint will be offered to be settled through wedlocks and other comprises. It is equivalent to reducing the women’s dignity.

      Added to that they’ve allowed a teenager to get her unborn child conceived due to a rape, aborted in the 24th week.

      It may not be much but it’s a start. It’s a step towards saying aloud to the country that a woman’s body is hers and she has every right to protect it and decide for it.


  8. To answer your question…

    Ans. 1- Supreme Court stayed the execution of death penalty of two of the four convicts in the December 16 gang rape-and-murder case till further order because –” since the death sentence of other convicts have already been suspended by this court, the same order has to be passed. ” and One died in jail premises and other was a MINOR..and this piece shite was given by”JUSTICE” Ranjana Prakash Desai and NV Ramana!! they would not be able to answer either ..because they are answerable to someone else other than to the constitution..and values therin

    Ans.2- Even after two and a half years in jail, the rapists seem to not have even a drop of remorse in their blood answer this a leading counter question might be helpful .why after centuries women are being treated something else other than human being….this issue has always been there suppressed i feel bad why we waited for this gruesome incident !!!! were we are not aware??

    Ans.3- We not afraid of the law and instead believ it is our birthright to circumvent the law…..The moment we try to bribe a traffic policeman, the moment we travel without ticket and spit on the road …with the believe that these are manageable..the faith in laws and enforcement agencies starts vanishing…and with time we learn the art of manipulation..

    Ans.4- To ensure that the juvenile rapist gets a easy passage out he was sent to reformation home.(reformation home is known for creating criminals) …the govt. is yet again ready with a new law/ amended the juvenile act..ha ha ha NO STATUTE CAN SERVE THE PURPOSE..this undestanding is first a must…

    Ans. 5-Why do those rapists and many others like them believe that it is their right to tell off girls to where they apparently belong – the household, by raping them and shaming them- This believe shows the strong patriarchial setup…and history also attribute to it…
    Even GOD & THEIR STORIES…why we had always wintnessed girls were entertaining the “gods”…why can’t we visualise a man dancing around!!!!

    Ans. 6- Why does that rapist say that the girl should have endured it all and not fought back? Because the society believes it so…and am sorry to say …this …that whenever I find someone saying that women possesses a lot of strenght and endurance..I consider that such titles are often making women a silent victims…shout aloud,,,and fight for your rights… just forget the will not help you .

    If on death row he can still say that, what would be the extent of vileness in his thoughts if he was out on the roads ? ….BUT WHY ROADS why not in home…what about marital rapes….there are lots of nirbhaya.inside the house …they are even scared about their own presence…they started hating their own body…..KUDOS..we (men folk) have achieved to this extent..after 66 yrs of indepence and and milions years of “civilization”

    Ans. 7 The convicts does’nt require a platform…instead it has exposed the society more vividly so banning is yet another hypocritic step
    by “saying them coward I think we will be linient to them.. its a criminal act of restricting freedom to manipulate truth…”

    Ans.8- Will educated men still believe that women are to be inside the house to be safe, ——.I believe that sensitivity is the most important lesson to be learnt to appreciate the worth of education.

    Start treating women as fellow human beings will need time ..and this is the most unfortunate part ….am sorry to write this but I cannot be impractical…..I think simultaneous approach might work….harsh punishment, high convivtion rate,,high reporting of cases even online reporting .. on the other hand societal upliftment..throught various prog. ..through NGOs..and Natak..groups…along with government support.for women emancipation and providing finalcial independence..and education..along with the involement of responsible journalism under strict scrutimy of law…and proper implementation



    Am trying my bid


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