Sober or drunk?

News for you! My closest cousin is getting married with just 6 more days to go! (Say congratulations y’all!)

Warning : Not for people below 18. And my parents.

He held his bachelor’s party last night and being the awesome fellow he is, he invited all friends and family (only the young ones!) together with strict instructions (in response to my curiosity about availability of alcohol!) underlining clearly that there was no alcohol for me! Now, now. Don’t get me wrong. I was just curious because my brother’s a lot like me. No alcohol, no hookah. We love our bodies (inside and out) way too much to harm it in that manner. I just wanted to know if he’d decided to leave the others not high and so dry!

Of course there was a lot of dancing and cheering, toasting to him and celebrating the beginning of a newer and so much happier phase of his life (considering my would be sister-in-law is really lively and amiable!)

But you know very well by now, that if I’ve written this post then it’s naturally NOT to describe the really obvious things we must have done last night. It is to highlight the most bizarre moments, which thankfully do not involve any of us as the doers!

So this wasn’t a private party. We’d gone out to celebrate together and there were a whole bunch of other party goers too. And this is about them.

There is a reason you should remain sober when people around you are getting drunk. Because the law prohibits drunk driving. And also because :

– There should be someone around to help the drunks walk straight without banging into other people or falling over chairs or more so  getting in the car!

This actually happened! One of the most drunk ones around actually fell on the road while getting into his car! Oh don’t worry, he didn’t get crushed or anything but just plopped on the ground! Less dramatically than this panda though.

– Be sober because you need to politely decline the stranger who requested you for a dance. Period.

– Considering you’re trying to look beautiful at your brother’s celebrations, be sober enough to avert the oncoming rain of champagne from some idiotic drunk who decided to waste the drink by throwing it around on people. Well, we did it get caught in it anyway but not so much!

– And how can I forget the men who decided to have so much fun dancing with (under, over, above, beneath) each other! The dance floor had a sex ratio much, much worse than India’s!

– You also get to see the side effects and visually experience what getting drunk or way too drunk looks like! After all, who actually wants to throw up in the presence of  others? Of course, inadvertently. Hopefully!

Signing off soberly,

Graciously Yours!

P.S. – Don’t forget to add in your sober experiences or your friend’s experience of handling a drunk you! 😉 We don’t judge.

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25 thoughts on “Sober or drunk?

      1. Haha!! If you drink and mess around with me, ya I’ll kick you and write a post about you 😉 If you drink and plop on the ground I’ll just have a good laugh and write a post about you! 😛


      2. Hey, Don’t..FYI, I don’t even drink either tea or coffee.then think about other drinks.. teetotaler..totally! I was kidding you.:)


  1. Haha life is really funny (sometimes irritating) for a sober person in a party with drunk friends. Can remember so many instances (perks of living in a boys hostel) when you get to see the love they shower on you 😀
    Though sometimes it becomes a nuisance trying to convince a drunk friend for hours that its not a good idea to jump from the third flood of the building.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God! Thank God you were sober enough around! You were sober, right? Not that either ways would have to do with anything with my opinion. It’s really funny the ideas they come up with when they’re drunk! But the stink and hangovers? Why would anyone want that? Be in love! That’s a high without the stink or hangover!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I was sober that’s why had to be awake the whole night to check if that friend gets another stormy idea 😀
        And no doubt the stink and hangovers are never welcome. But I think that is a good turn off and helps many to keep away from alcohol which saves their livers 😉


      2. You need to stop. You’re making me smile way too much! And don’t you have like other stuff to do? If you read my entire blog today you’ll get bored of me!!

        Liked by 1 person

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