Cheers to life! Again.


Dear biker,

Thank you for ramming into me yesterday. You put my life into perspective again. Of late I’d started giving more leeway into my life to people who probably didn’t want it. The heart wants what the heart wants after all. I had started forgetting it was my life and no one deserved more attention than me.

Thank you for reminding me how precious life is and how granted we take it at times! Checklists start remaining unchecked, dreams get postponed, relations are assumed to remain good forever and change is detested.

Thank you for giving me the chance to make amends before it was too late to to only regret. You need something as strong as that moment for the fact to dawn upon you that some things have to be accepted as they are. For your own betterment.

Thank you for changing your bike tyres regularly and oiling your brakes well!

Thank you for being a good biker and letting me get off with  the least bruises possible!

Still sane enough to find positives from the negatives,

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Mother, if you were to ever know about this, don’t scream at me please! That may be the reason why you didn’t know this in the first place 😛

Published by AditiChandak

Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

21 thoughts on “Cheers to life! Again.

  1. First things first, I really hope it was a minor accident ! But this is so true and relatable! We all need a slap to come to reality when we start taking life for granted. Its good to see you appreciating and expressing so beautifully.
    A fan 🙂


    1. It was very, very minor yes! Thank the Lord I had a friend with me who literally saved it from becoming major! But that’s when I realized this is not how I want to die. Not with a broken heart!

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      1. Kudoz to your friend! And it’s a lovely thought Aditi. Maybe you needed that push to bring your life back on track. 🙂
        I may sound self-obsessed but I too realized the same thing when I was in a hospital. 😀

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      2. It is sad to admit that we’ve let our lives go off track but then it’s life. It just happens! It teaches you to be more careful next time around! I hope it wasn’t anything major when you were in the hospital!

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      3. Haha not at all ! Need to learn a lot more from you. I simply love the way you look at things around you. This is of course in addition to the magnificent writing skills you possess 🙂

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