Dear humans of Pakistan,

As a human, my heart goes out to you for innocent lives you had to lose to the guardians of terror. As an Indian, I pray that you find the strength to battle the fear that is spreading on your soil.

Did those terrorists not even think once about what they would be doing to the future of their own country? Did they not flinch while visualizing the terror those young eyes would have to see – friends being shot, teachers being burnt, blood soaked clothes, coffins, wailing parents, ensuing nightmares, and violent day dreams?

I know all of you are not terrorists. There are countless number of Pakistanis who are living in Pakistan but have nothing to do with the terror outfits. I know that all Muslims are not waging a war against India and the rest of the world. A section of people among you lead the world to doubt all of you.

The Army is the protector of the country. Yet, it couldn’t protect so many of its own. How disturbing it might be for you civilians to think of even stepping out of your home. I cannot fathom how resilient you have to be just so you can get up today, tomorrow or whenever and actually send your kids to school!

So many lives lost, so many dreams shattered, so many kids scarred, so many families devastated – all in the name of religion? Since when did the Gods allow this to happen? Which Holy Book does not condemn such acts? Which beastly heart proposed the execution of such a barbaric plan?

Show it to those filthy cowards that you won’t sit back this time. Tell them that you will not tolerate them and their so-called fight for Islam. Kick them out of your land and prove to the world that you are not terrorists and you will not stand terrorists either.

We are not different, the circumstances have created differences. In such times and at all times, we are with you.

May you ordinary citizens of Pakistan rise to cleanse Pakistan of it’s inhumanity.


A human from India.

Published by AditiChandak

Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

8 thoughts on “#IndiawithPakistan

    1. I came back from a friend’s birthday celebrations last night all happy and joyous to see this piece of news flashing on the screens! I almost rued enjoying myself while kids were being mourned elsewhere!


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