Life Notes #6.

So you must be wondering where to I’ve been all this while! Just been a little here, a little there trying to get over a bout of writer’s block.

When I finally gave up on coming up with an actual topic to write on, here I am writing this post halfway into the night!

It’s a full moon today. The Calcutta sky is unusually clear and the phone networks unusually glitch free (except the occasional bursts of glitches my phone keeps bestowing upon me!). The sky is literally studded with stars which I happen to notice when my friend tells me over the phone that he’s just seen a shooting star and I obviously run over to the window, almost trying to get out of it, to catch a glimpse of the now long gone shooting star.

There’s something about living in a city and getting to see a constellation with your naked eyes! That too without any previous notice, not that it would make a difference to my level of awe! It is magical.

I have no idea what constellation it was or if it even was a constellation. All I could figure out was they were twinkling stars and looked like this to me :


This was in the eastern part of the sky. Anyone out there knows if what I am jumping about seeing is actually a constellation or just a bunch of stars who’re just winking at each other for having fooled me and my friend? And my mother. And another friend.

Note To Self: It is and has always been these little things in life which bring you the broadest smiles! And the most innocent ones too. Embrace life, love yourself and you’ll figure out what exactly surreal is.

Graciously Yours!

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11 thoughts on “Life Notes #6.

  1. I love to look at the night sky and watch all the stars knowing that I’m looking billions of years into the past as I do so. I used to love the views where I lived in Bangladesh and my one visit to Calcutta, I recall had some wonderful stars in the sky there too. I would love to look on them again. I really would.


      1. I tend to use both depending on what the other person uses. I think you used Calcutta! I’m intrigued why you were pleased – I did notice when I went there that almost no one seemed to use either the spelling ‘kolkata’ or any of the new ‘Indian’ road names. Taxi drivers only knew the old British ones – like Middleton street and things like that lol!


  2. I am afraid I can’t help you with the constellation. But I would like to thank you for this trip through the night sky. Reminded me of the meteor shower I witnessed in 2012. Dazzling, it was.


  3. I love the particular scene wherein the clouds float around the full moon. I have enjoyed the scene quite a few times this year. Full moon catch my eyes most of the times, I could not resist to stare, not even when I’m riding on my bike. 😉

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